I am hoping for some ideas to assist with the creation of our new Staff Handbook!

We are looking to create a handbook with a difference and I need some inspiration; with how best to present the information; ie. digitally/glossy booklet and what content should be in there.

We are keen to move away from reams of dos and don'ts and countless policies.  Ideally, we are looking to create something short, snappy, with more eye-catching picture content to engage and on -board new starters and existing employees alike.

If anyone could help with ideas; handbooks they have seen and liked, or indeed an employee handbook they have created and implemented, all contributions would be much appreciated!


Many thanks





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  • Hi Amanda,

    I'm in the same situation - Just started to design a welcome book for new starters.

    I have taken a lot of inspiration from the Valve Employee Handbook, I like the themes and ideas, it just seems conversational.

    Hope this helps.




    • Hi Chris

      Many thanks for attached the Valve Handbook.  It has some fantastic ideas; just the type of thing I'm looking for!

      Kind regards


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