Hi everyone, 

I originally started my CIPD level 5 back in February 2020 just after having my second child (I was being very adventurous), then came along Covid which well and truly took over and I've only just picked my studying back up. 

I'm about to begin my first assignment and have a complete mental block. Having not done anything academic for over 14 years I dont even know where to begin! 

I've watched the supporting videos etc however any tips on how to get started and get over my mental block would be appreciated 

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  • Hi,

    I'm in the same space too, as I've done no studying for circa 22 years, so going back to my academic side hasn't been easy.

    I've done all the e-learning for DVP and watched the video briefs which are great and started to create my first draft, but on section A and keep on thinking I'm going down the wrong pathway, or I'm regurgetating content that is enclosed in the material, which equally flags concern to me around potneital plagarism.

    I don't think i will find the route i need to take until I get my first piece of assignement feedback and take the pros and cons from it.

    Many thanks


  • i am in exactly the same boat. I have just started  a whats app group if you want to join?There are only 2 of us in it so far so looking for more people to join. 

  • I am also in this position!  Started June 2020 - unfortunately tried to juggle too many plates at the same time so the studying was pushed aside.  I have today redone all the lessons for Module 1 again!  I previously looked at the assignment and didn't know where to start - I think I may have the same problem again!  If you have picked up any tips I would be very gratefyl.

  • I am in the same boat. Got as far as going to start the dvp assessment and hit the wall so I have restarted. Going to go back through the module with the assessment topics in front of me. Seen some useful advice on the forums about how to structure it as well. Don't have a link but type dvp into the search bar. Good luck!

  • I'm in the same boat as you - have one assignment down already from when I first began studying but now time to get back on track!

    Good luck! xx

  • My advice would be to have the brief in front of you and then check through the elessons for elements that are relevant to the assessment - then focus on those.

    DVP is very much about you, so keep that in mind as a legitimate driver behind your answers.

    You could also post this discussion in the DVP area of your study group: https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/group-hub/online-human-resource-mana...


    • Hi Gary,

      I hope all is well.

      Am I right in saying that once you submit your assignment that you can't get feedback on it and reshape it?

      Secondly, the video brief for assignment 2 for DVP isn't working

      Many Thanks


  • I know how you feel - I orignally signed up in 2019 was then made redundant and had to fnd another job so got stuck into that and then COVID came along and now I am like ahhh need to get a more on - last time i did studying was over 20 yr ago - I am making loads of notes and got post it notes and coloured pens hoping that helps me - Goodluck Sam 

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