Acts of kindness are spreading through organisations around the world following a campaign under the heading of #HRActsofKindness. A series of challenges were set each day over a five day period focusing on doing something kind in the workplace. Challenges were simple and easy to do and included recognising the work of others and reconnecting with former colleagues and connections. One challenge was as simple as spending a break with colleagues.

Natalie Ellis is the HR professional behind the initiative who told us that she thought of the idea on the journey home from work one day. Since setting up the initiative, she has connected with over 150 people from various countries including the UK, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.

She told us that she created HR Act of Kindness to highlight work environments to HR professionals. The final challenge posed by Natalie was for HR professionals to create their own HR Act of Kindness list and to complete one challenge every week.

So what acts of kindness would you like to see in your workplace? What can you do to spread a little cheer? We’d love to hear from you and find out how you’re motivating people and demonstrating kindness in your organisations.

To find out more about #HRActsofKindness, take a look at Natalie’s blog:

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  • Thank you Ady for such a lovely write up! It has been an unexpected success and it was all about taking the time to absorb your workplace environments.

    It wasn't only HR practitioners who got involved, I had teams who even placed it into call centres and teams. It was only tagged as HR Act of Kindness because I believe that HR should take the time to be among the employees of their organisations. You can't form relationships behind a screen! It has made such a difference to some people and I have met some incredible individuals who are keen to instil kindness into their every day working practices.

    I'm so glad all of those who took part enjoyed it. A new challenge for August is on it's way and I'm also working to collaborate an exciting project with a company in the US.

    Sarah Loates, I need in on the Rocky Road venture, it sounds lovely and has made me rather peckish!

  • Hi Ady

    Interesting post and great to see how wide this has gone in terms of connecting people.  My only observation would be why are they HRActsofKindness? as the examples seem to be something which everyone can do within an organisation?

    I think from an HR perspective within the profession you are always dealing with people in a heightened state of emotion something really good is happening to them or something not so good, so my philosophy has always been to treat the person like I would want to be treated in that situation, over the years it has served me well and I've had some very challenging and difficult conversations where the person has still shaken my hand at the end of it maybe these are HRActsof Kindness?

    Anyway in the spirit of the post my Act of Kindness today was that I bought everyone a Rocky Road but to be fair that's only because I wanted one and I felt less guilty about eating it as everyone had one!

    All the best



This reply was deleted.


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