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Hi all, 

I work in the public sector and am looking to review our existing employee benefit offering and how we reward our employees. From what I understand there was not strategy or planning process before launching our various employee benefits and as such these are not aligned to any organisational objectives.  There are numerous providers all with different processes and poor historic record keeping. 

I  was wondering if anyone would share what employee rewards they offer their employees and details of how you manage these? I would like to move to a annual cycle to allow promotion of these to employees, allow time to reconcile each financial year and provide an annual review of what benefits are working/not working and grow our offering. 

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. 


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  • Morning Jodie

    I was wondering whether it would be worth checking our the CIPD People Management Awards they may have some good examples of best practice from a benefits persepctive?

    You can find further info here


    Good luck it sounds great what you are trying to achieve!

    All the best


    Each category recognises outstanding achievement and contribution to business sustainability and success.
  • Hi Jodie, a good place to start might be a short employee survey to help you gauge what it is that your employees like about your current offering and what isn't quite working.

    To your point about an annual cycle or structure; an annual benefits statement is a nice way to keep employees informed about the great benefits you're offering. You could do something quite simple here for a quick win.

    Can't speak much for the public sector myself, but one major trend is 'wellbeing' - so consider financial, mental and physical wellbeing initiatives which could improve the lives of your employees. It's just as much about this stuff as it is about paying people fairly. As a responsible employer you can have such a positive impact on people's lives if you get it right :)

    Many people like flexibility in their benefits, so you could engage people while keeping costs down - perhaps you could allow people to choose 1 out of 3 flexible benefit offerings e.g. Either a supplemented gym membership, a dental plan or a few 'duvet days' to use each year. Maybe with the option to purchase another 1 of the 3?

    Would you mind giving examples of the organisational goals which you'd like to relate the reward strategy to?
    • Hi Adam, thank you for taking the time to respond. 

      I am currently brain storming and pulling together ideas/suggestions to be able to present a proposal to overhaul our outlook on reward. At present we have no data in terms of % of uptake, feedback etc. 

      A bit of background, I am new in post (and to the organisation). The organisation is currently partway through a large organisation restructure so our resources (in terms of time) are limited (and this is also having a detrimental effect on moral across the organisation as there have been job losses). One the changes involve my team relocating and as such I will need to bring in new employees to staff my function (expected Jan/Feb 18) which means I wont have the experienced team to support with any large scales changes in this financial year. 

      My ideas currently involve a 2 stage approach with limited change to the actual benefits we offer in 2018/2019 but moving to a annual cycle (enrolment during Feb 18 to start 1 April 17) as this will not be to resource heavy but will give chance to align our current schemes. This would be a good change to promote our current offering and the idea of some 'roadshow' events across the country to promote these. (I would like to add in here some employee feedback for those in the schemes on application/process/communication etc.)

      By the time we are approaching early summer I was looking at further employee feedback to look at what we offer, why certain schemes appeals/do not appeal, what benefits our employees would like to see and what their life priorities are. The review the organisation and HR objectives for next year. We can then analyse this data to look at the package we will offer in the 2019/2020 year. 

      Wellbeing is very high on the agenda, and being in healthcare - we really should be leading the way. Stress is one of our biggest cause of absence. I have been thinking about gym membership and a financial scheme (Neyber). We offer a employee assistant programme but the uptake is low also. 

      I have got lots of think about and some work to do!

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