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Hi there, 

I am looking at Employee Benefits for my company and specifically looking at a company called 'Perkbox' https://www.perkbox.co.uk. Before we sign up I was wondering whether anyone else had used this company and their system?

What did you think of the offers?

Did it help with employee engagement?

Was there a decent uptake on the service?

Did you find it helped with attracting new employees?

Was there anything  that you felt didn't work? 

Anyone who works in a non-office environment, I would be interested in hearing from you on whether employees really used the benefits. 

Thanks in advance 


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  • Hi everyone 

    Just to let you know DPG are now a partner of Perkbox and have preferential rates as well as providing anyone from 1st September 2016 with free Perkbox membership 

    For more information take a look below 

    DPG & Perkbox


    • Hi Mike,

      I have spoken to a couple of people at Perkbox and DPG and they don't seem to have heard of the preferential rates, though I am conscious this thread was some time ago! Has this expired or is it still available?

      I am currently comparing a few different employee benefits services to present to the board, so any assistance you can provide would be great.


      • Sorry for the delay Laura but I wanted to check - the preferential rates stopped after 12 months and now we're just an affiliate / referrer to Perkbox. They still offer great perks and benefits though :) 

        • Hi Mike...That's a shame - thanks for getting back to me. :)

      • Hi Laura

        How strange I am sure Mike will update, I recently had a demo with Perkbox and mentioned about the DPG preferentional rates as I was interested in this for my participants.  At the time the chap I spoke with seemed to be aware of this but it was before Christmas.

        Anyway I am sure Mike will throw some light on this!

        Kind regards


    • Thanks for posting Mike I will definitely take a look at this! Sarah

  • Hi Emily,

    I looked at Perkbox for our organisation, however, have since put it to one side of my thought process. We have benefits like the Cycle to Work scheme, health cover, eye test, bonuses etc, but based on results from the staff survey, the staff don't always necessarily want rewards/benefits with a monetary value. So, we are evaluating what benefits we can offer that have a relationship with the work they do or the organisation. I suppose it also depends on the type of business you, and the workforce you have. 

    My personal opinion on the rewards given by Perkbox is that they are easily given, there is no real correlation to the work the individual has done and what reward is warranted. Our Senior team felt it was impersonal, but again it depends on the type of business.

    Hope that's of use.



  • Hi Emily

    My organisation offers a flexible benefits scheme based on a % of salary which includes benefits which they sign up for annually but also includes any time benefits including bike to work, leisure benefit, childcare vouchers and mobile phones.  We also offer Corporate Perks through a company called Next Jump.  Everyone is entitled to take advantage of the offers available which either give a discount or reward points.

    Through our employee survey recently carried out, those employees that read the literature (e-mail, notice boards, Intranet) highlighting the benefits/rewards readily took advantage of the offers which helped employee morale, motivation and engagement but some employees were not aware of the benefits.

    It has not benefitted attracting new employees as such but is definitely worth looking into.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi Emily

    Sorry you have not had a response to your query, I personally have not used perkbox I did however find the following reviews on its facebook page,  Also Feefo is a good customer service rating scheme I know DPG use this:


    I can help with the second part of your question, we had a predominantly non office workforce and a comprehensive flex bens scheme we did have a really good take up for non office employees but it was also made very accessible for them too.

    I hope this helps!




    • HI Sarah, 

      Many thanks for the reply. I think understandably that everyone was too busy with Christmas (hope you had a good one). Its good to know that your non office employees utilised the benefits well. I am finding that there are many differences between office and non office based workers in terms of work habits and finding effective ways of communication. 

This reply was deleted.


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