Employee Referral Scheme

Hi All,

We are looking into revamping our employee referral scheme, so if everyone is happy to share, what does your company currently offer to incentivize staff to make referrals? I would be interested to know:

Incentive amount:

When it is paid out:

Company sector:

Other incentives:


E.g. we currently have the following in place:

Incentive amount: £500

When it is paid out: After probation completion (3 months)

Company sector: Market Research

Other incentives/comms: Weekly vacancy email, fortnightly “Star Vacancy” email


How does your referral scheme work & do you think it is successful?

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  • Hi Jaspreet

    I worked for a Company in Utilities we used to pay for all roles £500.

    £250 on appointment and £250 after successful completion of the probationary period, which was typically 6 months.

    I hope this is useful.

    All teh best


  • Hi Jaspreet,

    We pay £1,500 and increased this 18 months ago from £1,000 as the scheme can work very well, is a lot less than an agency fee and really promotes to our employees reward and engagement in the type of people we employ.

    We hope employees value they can have an input and in turn they only refer someone they trust and feel suitable to do the role. After all employees promote and know the company and roles best! Particularly if like us you have 30 people doing the same role.

    We pay this six months after they start and our probation period is generally three months, we also advise payment is only payable if the person referring is in employment, not under notice to terminate or under any disinclinary etc.

    I work in an engineering company for cooling and ventilation with over 105 employees.

    We advertise this through our referal policy, on shared intranet, email and when we announce new vacancies. In addition it does form part of employee benefits. Feedback is very positive from people and we have had a number of successful referrals!

    I hope this helps and gives thought!

    Best Regards,
    • Thanks Olivia for the detailed reply. That is good to hear that the feedback has been postive.
  • Hi Jaspreet,

    Amount - £500

    When is it paid out - On completion of probation period which is 6 months

    Sector - Healthcare

    Hope this helps

  • Amount: £1,000 gross (taxable)

    When: After probation is cleared (6 months)

    Company sector: Financial Services

    Other incentives: none, but we do a lot of comms to remind people this incentive is there at strategic times / in certain departments where we're focused on finding new talent / as soon as new people arrive who bring their new network with them!

  • Hi Jaspreet,

    My experience primarily is in I.T. companies, so coming with that knowledge.

    The amount of incentive is based on the superiority of role the person has been hired.

    For e.g. in IT industry referral amount range between £2000 to £8000 (or more), depending on the role, skills, availability, criticality etc.

    In case the requirement is absolutely urgent companies even get ready to buy out the notice period. Not sure how relevant that is in marketing sector.

    Please feel free to revert in case of any query.


    Isha Lamba Chadha



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