Encouraging Learning

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! I'm doing the late Saturday night "thinking" thing and have a question.

I've recently implemented a new learning platform at work for our mandatory training, we're a not-for-profit healthcare (care home) organisation, the initial implementation has gone well thanks to plenty of forward planning (phew!).

Anyway, I was reflecting on this and on the colleagues who came to me with various reasons (excuses!) on why they were unable to complete, now resolved thankfully.

However, it got me thinking, as I haven't qualified and have no real experience in L & D, how do other HR professionals manage to move people from a "doing it because I have to" to a "doing it because I want to" mindset. How do I generate an attitude of life-long almost daily learning. I guess I'm really asking how do I change people's thinking and get them excited and enthusiastic about learning, where it's not just formal learning but a reflective, "every days a school day" type mindset? 

This would be so helpful, especially in the current climate where guidelines, working practices and regulations are changing almost daily, for us anyway.

I've managed so far to change recruitment criteria and practices so that we're recruiting for values and attitude rather than experience (which in my sector and especially my organisation is vital), and I have noticed that the newer colleagues are so much hungrier to learn, but how do I get this to extend to longer-standing colleagues?

Any ideas would be very welcome.

Thank you in advance.


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