I am currently reviewing the Exit Interview process within our organisation, I’d be really keen to understand how you carry these out within yours. 

  • Are these carried out online or face to face?

  • Who carries out these Line Managers or HR

  • Are they managed in-house or do you outsource? If so which provider do you use?

  • Do you carry out interviews/questionnaires on all leavers or selected teams

  • What are your top 5 questions that you ask? 

  • Do you carry out these interviews/questionnaires at the point of resignation or once an employee has left?

  • How do you deal with and analyse the feedback?

Thanks so much in advance.

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  • Dear Justine,

    I have been dealing with an exit interviews for some time and I have some knowledge and I can give some tips.

    • The interviews are usually done face to face or if person can't attend the meeting we'll send the form but  it's not compulsory but we do encourage them to leave feedback in order to improve if we have any issues .
    • Usually HR team carries the interviews and it managed in house.
    • Questionaires forms are pretty good to use and an exit interviews are offered to everyone who leaves the company
    • With all positive or negative feedback are dealt between senior managers and HR manager.
    • Top five questions are: What did you like about your job?, What did you like the least about your job?, Will you recommend the company to another people?, Why you are leaving the company? Have you got any suggestion how to improve your job?

    I hope this information helped you and gave some ideas how to start and finish an exit interviews.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Justine


    We use survey monkey, free and easy to set up. I conduct all exit interviews, and there can be positives from this process in mmy opinion, provided the correct questions are asked in the right manner.

    You will always recieve negative feedback but sometimes it is legitimate and if the timing is right it is an opportunity to save a leaver rather than lose a good colleague.

    Most of the interviews are face to face, however with only a weeks notice for our colleagues sometimes this is not achievable therefore we can send a link or call them to process over the phone.

    I find generally it is when colleagues are at their most honest, which can be interesting. All the feedback is collated and given to the higher powers to trend and discuss. We are already looking into changes in our organisation from some of the feedback .

    I hope this helps


    Kind regards



  • Hi

    I work for a large food processing company.

    we carry out exit interviews a few days before their leaving date

    we arrange a suitable time and they come to the people change office (HR) we find this is quieter and can be carried out in confidence

    A translator will be used if necessary

    we ask;

    why they are leaving

    is there anything we can do to retain them

    have they always been paid on time and correctly

    have they used the canteen, if so feedback

    what do they think of the well being package

    do they feel they can talk to their team leader manager

    what could we do differently

    would they recommend us to their friends as a place to work

    Any feedback negative or positive is given to the appropriate managers

    also it is reported on a BOS chart ads part of our clear steps/lean manufacturing programme

    hope this has been helpful

  • Hi Justine

    Here are my comments:

    *I carry out most interviews over the phone as we dont just have employees in the UK, or based at one site, so is not possible to do face to face. I will however always do face to face if they are based in the office or close by.

    *In our organisation, HR carries out the exit interviews

    *We do this ourselves 

    *We carry out exit interview on all employees that resign, even if we know, or think we know, the reasons for them leaving

    *Top questions are: Why is it that you have decided to leave, what are you going on to do and how the compensation package compares, what advice they would give to the next person doing the role, how they feel the communication was in general and with their manager and also about their understanding of objectives and feedback throughout employment.

    *I schedule the interviews close to their end date, as I find employees are more honest and open at that time

    *I dont use a tool for feedback, however as I am the only one that conducts the interviews, I recognise trends and escalate common themes and areas of concern to my HRBP.

    Hope this helps!

  • Morning Justine

    Many thanks for the question, there are many different views on this as an approach.

    Personally if the culture is not right within the organisation then generally I don't think that people feel they can be open and honest in an exit interview, so they can seem pointless.

    That said an anonymous online exit interview can sometimes unearth key themes, and it also not labour/manual intensive.

    Some interesting discussion here with a different persperctive


    All the best


    Is There An Exit Interview That Works For Turnover?
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  • Hi Justine,

    When I moved into the HR department at my work, we wasn't always doing exit interviews and if we were, nothing was being done with the data. So I started off by using the existing form. Which was just too lengthily, in total there were around 20 questions! I have since changed the process. I have created a 10 question survey via survey monkey (which is free!), I send  this to the employee a week prior to their exit. I did this in the hope it would give me more honest feedback and allow the employee time to reflect on their service, rather than  putting people on the spot. I then follow up with a review of this survey with the employee which lasts around 15 minutes, to talk around any key points that they may have raised, along with a change to wish them well for the future and thank them for their hard work. It seems to be working well I have asked for feedback from employees on how they thought the process went and they have agreed they liked they could take time out and think about what they were feeding back.

    I also now collect the reasons why an employee is leaving, to try and establish our main reasons for turnover.

    Hope this helps, its been really useful to me and how we collect details.

    Many thanks


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