Hi All,

Our company has recently introduced a Facebook careers page and so far we have around 80 likes on our page. One of our objectives as a HR team is to drive direct recruitment, to reduce the money spent on agencies.

Does anyone have any experiences in using social media for recruitment? Or does anyone have any ideas on increasing the likes on our page and engaging with employees?

We have come up with a few ideas such as sharing it on our LinkedIn page, but it would be great to hear others experiences.




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  •  Hi Jaspreet

    Great post I am sorry I have no experience in this! I hope someone on the Community can help you I know there is alot of recruitment experience out there!

    All the best


    • No worries, thanks Sarah!
  • Hi Jaspreet,

    For recruitment, we don't use Facebook purely because our MD feels that approach is unethical. I have mixed views on it, and it does seems to be a hugely popular method of advertising and attracting talent.

    We do have a Twitter page and LinkedIn page where we advertise new vacancies, and we use advertisements on job boards to eliminate agency use as much as possible.

    Not sure if that is of any use, but I wish you look in increasing attraction to your page.


    • Thanks Debbie that's great. How are you finding it using Twitter to attract talent?
  • Hi Jaspreet,

    Our company introduced Facebook last year, we found it to increase brand awareness but could not link any recruitment directly to this source alone.

    We launched our Twitter page this year and have found the audience reach to be much wider.  I think it is also brilliant as we have been able to Tweet to celebrities with huge volumes of followers.  If they retweet our tweet it definitely raises the amount of profile clicks we receive.

    The only negatives I have found so far is your tweet has to be 140 characters, and you cannot moderate the comments as much as Facebook.

    Best of luck!


    • Hi Karys,

      Thanks for sharing your experience of Facebook and Twitter. We will be looking at creating a Twitter account, I hope soon.

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