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Generating Diversity

Hi Everyone,

We are currently working on a project to generate diversity in our workforce and I am just looking to see if anyone can give me any ideas about what your company currently does or whether you have heard about things other companies are doing. Specifically, we are looking at gender and age but all suggestions would be welcome.

We are also looking to the idea of a female community group and wondered if any of you may currently have a group like this and what it looks like/how is it set up? E.G a blog, newsletter etc. At least half of our staff are field or home based so we would have to take this into consideration when creating what this group may look like.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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  • Hi Georgina,

    We have an LGBTQ committee but we also have a Diveristy Diary which is like a newsletter which gets sent out, on the whole, once a month with stories shared by other employees and then some back ground information about topic. So for instance, for Pride there was a piece about the history of why the Pride marches came about, then testimonials from people sharing stories about coming out, why they march etc etc.

    It gets people talking and attending wider events in the community.


    • Hi Jozefine

      Thank you for your response, it is really helpful!

      Can I also ask what sort of things your LGBTQ committee do? we have thought of having a committe as an option but we dont necessarily have an idea of what the commitee would do?



  • Hi Georgina

    I would be happy to put you in touch with one of my contacts, she is an E&D lead in a large corporate and super enthusiastic and knowlegable about this.

    Perhaps you can get in touch via LinkedIn and have a discussion with her, if that would help?



    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your reply. That would be great if you could put me in touch with her, it would be really helpful to gain an insight into how she has generated diversity in a large corporate work place.

      I have linkedIn so a discussion via this means would help.



      • That's great Georgina I will link you both up!

        If you promise to come back to the HR Zone and tell us all how you got on :-)

        All the best



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