Hi all

We are looking to subsidise gym memberships for employees in the UK, that much we have agreed on, we have even agreed on how much we will subsidise the memberships by per month.

What we have been unable to agree on is how we approach this.

We have three sites in the UK and employees who tend to travel approx. an hour each way by car or train. Initially we considered working in partnership with one gym near each site but this means that a large proportion of those who wish to have subsidised gym membership are unable to take advantage of it due to location and personal requirements.

I have been looking into Gym Flex and after inquiring with a few employees who used the demo log in on the Gym Flex website there seems to be mixed feedback, some saying the rates given are not that beneficial, the savings made via Gym Flex are not that great etc.

I wonder if anyone has any experience with Gym Flex and can offer their opinion, or equally does anyone have a better method of implementing this potential benefit.

We are aiming to offer employees £10 each month towards their membership fees and any corporate rates on top of this would of course be beneficial to the employee group. 

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!


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  • Lizzie,

    Well done for putting up this discussion.

    If you go into CIPD website under Resources/Library/Online Journals and enter gym membership in the EBSCO search you will find numerous articles on gym membership that may be of interest to you including several in the last six months.

    www.employeebenefits.co.uk have also posted an article today on 'Gym membership and retail discount top voluntary perks' by Debbie Lovewell-Tuck

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    Ou company uses Incorpore for Gym/health club discounted membership.  I haven't signed up, but looks to have a good selection of Gyms in my area.  It might be worth having a look.


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