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Good morning all, 

We are currently moving offices and I am putting everyone through a consultation period. 

I have had a question from one employee who is required to do 11 weeks notice. 

They have asked that if they decide to do a 4 week trial, would the 11 week notice period begin AFTER the 4 weeks or is it INCLUDING the 4 week trial (so would only need to work an additional 7 weeks).

If anyone knows the answer to this, I'd really appreciate some help. 

Many thanks, 


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  • Hi Milly,

    The notice period starts before the trial, therefore once consultation is over you issue notice and after this period (11 weeks) they start the trial period.

    If they can't work the whole notice period for whatever reason you can pay in lieu and then the 4 week trial starts on their last day of the original contract.

    Jen x

  • Afternoon Milly

    I have some info on this which I can send you and is too long for the purposes of the HR Zone if you send me your email address. 

    When I have run these the trial period commences after notice has been served.

    All the best Sarah

  • Hi Milly

    From the ACAS website: 

    • If your employee agrees to a trial and does not find the job to be suitable and/or reasonable, then you will usually need to treat them as having been dismissed as redundant when their original contract came to an end. This means they should get their original redundancy pay etc.


    However I would suggest you give their helpline a call on 0300 123 1100 for some free advice.


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