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The HR Forum

Help required please!

I hope I am posting this in the right forum.

I am currently working on my CIPD Level 5 assignment for the module Using information in HR. 

I would like some help to complete a short survey that I have devised around being a teacher at a college. It should take less than 2 mins. Please copy and paste the link to complete. Responses are required by Friday 12 January 2018.

Thanking you in advance. 

King regards



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  • Hi Patricia

    Hope you got a good response rate amd well done getting the survey out there! I re-tweeted Ady's tweet and post on LinkedIn and obviously completed it myself. Looking forward to reading your work.

    Best wishes


    • Morning Tamsin. Morning Patricia.

      I've absolutely LOVED seeing this post develop. Thank you so much Patricia for your idea of sharing your survey on the community. This is a perfect example of a community of practice like the DPG Community at it's best. I've loved seeing how the link to your survey has been shared, tweeted and posted. I'm really keen to write this up and capture this as a case study of how to use the community to it's full potential. I think a lot would benefit from this. It's a great example thank you.

      Patricia, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on how your survey has done. Did you get some good resposes? Was there more insight  than you were expecting? How has this helped you?


      • Morning! 

        What a fab idea Ady! The community provides such rich support and I loved that when this also expanded outside to twitter, others also re-tweeted and took park. The power of a social network! :)


        • Feels like a podcast in the making! Up for it?

          • count me in


          • I'm game for helping whatever way I can :)

            • I reckon this is as simple as us planning to have some time on the phone, idependantly bringing our own choice of beverage, and having a chat ;-)


              • Sounds like an awesome plan! :)

  • I've completed the survey for you based on my previous experience of working in a college. Hope it helps :)
  • I've completed the survey for you. I've not used that survey engine before so I was playing. It seesm you can choose more than one answer for each question but by the look of it, it was registering the last one I selected even though it showed them all selected. Is that by design? I thought it might confuse people

This reply was deleted.

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