How to measure team performance

Hiya, hope everyone is well. 

I just wanted to know if anyone has any tips on how to measure team performance. I am currently studying the Level 5 HR Course, however I work as a recruitment resourcer apprentice so don't have any experience in team performance measurement. 

Any tips will be appreciated or resources. 

Thank you 


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  • Hi Laila,

    I only enrolled on the course. Thus don't know your exact question with regards to the topic. Though my suggestion would be to look for some existing tools to measure people's behaviour. In psychology, you can find a lot. Similarly, in business, they could have some existing measures/tool on how to measure change. You will need to develop some benchmarking. etc. 

    I would suggest that you put something together and then reflect on your answers with your tutor.

    You can also use my suggestion to get some ideas for your KIP's query. The process of applying these tools would be similar, giving you some ideas about methodology.

    best of luck


  • Hi Laila Hussain 

    Are we talking theoretically for an assignment or in the actual workplace? If it's in the workplace I was wondering if you had sight of KPIs so that we could start with working backwards from there as an option?


    • Hi Gary, 

      Thank you for your message. 

      Its in the actual workplace, someone asked me about whether there are any team performance measurement variables but as I am new to this myself, I couldnt really help, I tried searching but wasnt sure. 




        Hi Gary, 

        I was asked about how to define KPI's, please find an example below: 

        KPI for goal keeper would be goals saved, KPI for forward would be goals scored, how can we measure performance of mid fielders and defenders. Hence their KPI's. 

        Basically, they need help in defining KPI's of how team should perform. 

        Thank you 


        • This is a fascinating question. Do they have any objectives set - maybe from a company personal development plan?

          What type of function is the team? That might help us bounce some practical ideas around.

          I'm wondering if there is something like the amount of time it takes to get from point A in a duty to point B. So, to borrow your analogy - how long does it take for the defenders to get the ball back to the mid-fielders? 😊

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