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HR Software (Annnual leave/Absence)

Hi all,


We are currently looking for a new HR software system that can include absence and annual leave. We had lined an app up for 2019 from our legal advisor company however the software is not ready and has been returned to the development team so we need new ideas.


Do you use software? How do you find it? Could you recommend anything to us?


Thank you :)

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  • I've used Cascade and iTrent both of which are a HR and if you wish a payroll system too.  It may do more than you need based on your comment but may be worth a look.

  • Hi Rachel,

    I  hope I am not too late, I have just seen this post.  I provide an employee management tool (Evalu-8.com) which is not only HR software but also offers some unique features such as evaluation frameworks, training needs analysis, performance management, to name a few.  It also contains features that are usually supplied as stand alone software such as time and attendance and shift rotas.

    This tool was developed over several years prior to release and I am confident (having used several of them myself) will offer more than any other HR System, it will also be more cost effective and you are not asked to enter into a contract.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like an online demonstration.  There was a blog posted on here about my software a couple of months ago.

    Sales pitch over :-) 


  • Hi Rachel

    Some previous threads on this topic from a little while ago but I recognise some of the providers.


    Do let us know which route you end up going down.

    I have never heard of IBob to so one to check out!

    All the best


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  • HiBob is amazing! I work for Alpaca (a professional services consultancy). We have just implemented it internally and love it that much we now act as a partner for referral and also as a reseller. 

    As I said Hibob is amazing, but if you are looking for a system just to log annual leave and absence then something like Breathe HR would be more suitable. HiBob goes the extra mile with your data, it is more of a people management platform than a HRIS.

    Happy to give you a full demo of the system if you want to know or see more! :-)  


  • We're using HiBob also. It's clean and easy to use and it's a London start up so show it some love!

  • Hi Rachel,

    We have just gone through the same project and I think we have trialled near enough all of the software providers in the industry. We have decided to go with Hi Bob, but if you are just looking for something to just log annual leave, Breathe HR seemed like a good bit of kit. Equally if you wanted something more comprehensive CIPHR looked excellent, but came with eye-watering implementation costs.

    We are moving away from Octopus HR/ Cascade Go - and we cannot wait for our contract to end!

    Good luck!

  • We use CIPHR which has lots of functionality including payroll etc. 

    • I can second Rachel‘s recommendation of Breathe HR. I have used this product for 3 years and it has recently undergone a revamp to make it more user friendly. Furthermore, on the one one occasion I have had to call for assistance the staff were ANAZING, they went out of their way to help.

      • We also use Breathe HR.  We rolled this out last year and I love it as a super user and staff love it to.  It is incredibley easy to set up and to use.

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