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The HR Forum

Hi all, 

I hope everyone is well. 

  • I am new to the DPG community and I am starting an apprenticeship course in HR SUPPORT LEVEL 3. I have been a HR Assistant in my company for 10 months, this my first HR Role.

As I am new this community, HR role and this style of blended learning, I was hoping for your help in being pointed to invaluable books, web links, community pages that can help me in my day-day role but mainly in my course. 

What was your best source for information on your studies?? 

Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated.



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  • Hi Faye,

    I myself am very new to the world of HR.

    To improve my general knowledge I spoke to experienced members of my team to see what reccomendations they had.

    I ended up purchasing Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice and I feel this is very detailed and has greatly improved my knowledge.

    I am not sure if this has already been mentioned in this discussion but if you use Twitter you can get involved with HR Hour @HR_Hour. This is a weekly Twitter chat every Thursday at 8pm.




    • Thank you Lewis. I need to set myself up a twitter account. I will order that book too, always good to have ANY resources available.

  • Hi Faye, 

    I'm in the same boat as you, I've been in my first HR role for 4 months now, and I've found the CIPD factsheets on their website really useful :) 

  • Hi Faye

    Welcome to the community!

    For Level 3 you may find the attached useful:


    Human Resource Practice by Martin and Whiting

    Any newsletters from ACAS, or employment law firms that you can sign up to,

    Your CIPD branch events are also a great source of learning and updates.

    I hope this helps



    CIPD Books and Toolkits | Kogan Page
    Kogan Page is the CIPD's official publishing partner. Students and members can save 20% on all CIPD books, ebooks and toolkits with free UK and US de…
    • Thnak you Sarah, I will order that book on pay day :)

      CIPD Books and Toolkits | Kogan Page
      Kogan Page is the CIPD's official publishing partner. Students and members can save 20% on all CIPD books, ebooks and toolkits with free UK and US de…
  • Hello,

    I am currently studying this qualification as well. I found it most helpful to fill out the CIPD Profession Map as that suggests books which would be best to help you in your individual development. It also enables you to measure your current skill set.



    • Hi Emily, 


      Im new to all this where can I find my professional map?


      Thanks for your help



      • Hi,


        So if you have signed up as a member of the CIPD (which you will have to for your apprenticeship it’s £165 which your company may pay for) you can you on the website. Just go to the search bar and type in cipd profession map. There are now 2 versions, I personally prefer the old version but both work! 





        • Thanks Emily, I do have student membership. I will get onto that now. Thank you again


          • Hi,

            For my Level 3 i bought Introduction to Human Resource Management by Charles Leatherbarrow and Janet Fletcher (the meerkat book) which was recommended by my tutor.


            Thanks :)

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Take a look for your local branch here and what events are happening. Remember attending these events are great CPD evidence.

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