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HRIS or Intranet

Hi all,

Really hoping to get some HRIS advice please.....

I joined my current company at the end of last year and they have no electronic HR system in place at all. I am in the process of scanning and filing all paperwork in just HR folders on my PC but would really like to introduce some form of HRIS.

I've looked into a few, Cascade, Ciphr to name a few but my IT team is also looking at a new Intranet, through Oak, which has the ability to add a HR function.

I guess my questions are....

  • Does anyone have experience of using an Intranet as HRIS and what are your views?
  • Does anyone have experience of suing Cascade and/or Ciphr and what is your feedback?
  • What benefits/problems have you encountered with your current HRIS and what advice would you give going forward?

Any help on this would be great.

Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi Jenny,

    I am using Cascade at my current company.  It is an ok system as you can file all paperwork electronically.  We aren't using it to it's full potential as there are areas which we don't use at all.  We mainly use it for storing electronic versions of all paperwork, booking holiday and other absences.

    I haven't had any formal training on the system but have managed to pick up how to use it pretty quickly and it's really good for automatic workflows- reminding you of someone's upcoming end of probationary period, reminders for end of FTC and also we have created a workflow so that when we input a new starter this automatically informs the IT department.

    I've used quite a few systems and must admit that Cascade seems to be the most user friendly one I have come across.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Jenny

    When I read 'Does anyone have experience of suing Cascade and/or Ciphr and what is your feedback?' I was horrified! Thankfully a typo, but we're just starting to take a good look at Cascade.

    We've dipped in and out of looking at it for a long while now, but think its intuitive approach and ability to bespoke prove it a strong contender for our choice. We use Sharepoint/Office 365 which apparently integrates well.

    We may look at the base level offering first, but in the long run are hoping to add other modules such as L&D, recruitment (the NetworxHR integration), etc

  • Hi Jennifer 

    I'd not heard of Oak before, so took a look at their website. Seemed to me that unless they are partnering with a specialist HR software supplier, you may find they don't cover some of the key HR functionality - the stuff that will make your life simpler and help with GDPR compliance - so definitely worth making sure the business also evaluates HR systems, especially as the OAK pricing is not exactly cheap when compared to some of the more modern Cloud-native HR systems. Our own Cloud HR system, for example, which we've been selling since 2013 starts from around £2 per employee per month for core HR management plus holiday and absence management (there is a pricing calculator on our website). Could be worth taking a look at  BreatheHR too as I've heard good things about them.

    You may find the specialist review websites, like Software Advice and Capterra useful if you are looking for customer feedback. 



    https://www.capterra.com/p/165721/Octopus-HR/ (now Cascade Go - although I don't know if its the same product - perhaps someone can let you know)

    Plus us!


    Good luck with your projects. 



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