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Good morning all,

I am currently looking into improving our weekly new starter induction and want to include an ice breaker.

Most of the examples I have come across so far haven't seemed fit for purpose.  Our inductions include Customer Service Advisors right up to CFOs and can range from 2 people to 25 people.

Can anyone think of 1-2 ice breakers that would work well on any group of new employees?

Thank you,


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  • Hi Natalie

    Have you thought about posting this on the L&D Forum I am sure they will have some very creative ideas there as well as the ones below!

    All the best



  • Hi,  You could use the Candle problem or something similar.  I saw it recently on training and I thought it was a great idea and hopefully you will get people interacting with each other.


    Hope it helps.


    Candle problem
    The candle problem or candle task, also known as Duncker's candle problem, is a cognitive performance test, measuring the influence of functional fix…
  • Hi Natalie

    In one of my last workplaces we used to play People Bingo and it seemed to go down well.  Essentially you need to prepare a Bingo sheet of A4 but instead of numbers in each square of the grid, you have sentences like "can speak another language", "has met a celebrity", "travels in by bus", "has appeared on Tv", "Works for department X", and any other random interesting things you can think of. 

    Then they get a set amount of time to circulate around the room and see if they can cross off all of their Bingo squares and see if anyone can get a full house.  

    This is probably better with a larger group, say 10+ but might be worth a try.



  • Hi Natalie, some ideas:

    1. you could make them work in pairs/trios and ask them to introduce themselves and after that each one publicly introduces the other person.

    2. You could ask general questions and make them split into groups according to their answers to see what they have in common.

    3. Put them all in a circle, let each one say their names, one thing they like and one thing they dont like as introduction (they have to be quick!!). After that and still in the circle give them a general theme and each person in the circle has to help building a story (some rules: forbidden to say no, forbidden to not take the other person's idea into account, make it as crazy as possible) 

    Hope it helps or gives you inspiration to think about some more! :)


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