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Hi all

I am sure out there amongst us we have a huge amount of experience and I wondered what was the best reason that an employee has provided for their absence (whether genuine or not?)

I will start the ball rolling, we once had an employee who phoned to say they could not come to work as they had been arrested by the police for growing marijuana in their attic! (This one turned out to be true)

What are your best ones?

All the best



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  • Hi,

    A genuine one but we had one that sat on her hair straighteners and burnt her bum so she couldn't come into work, her role involves sitting down all day!!!


  • Once had someone ring in and say they couldn't come to work because it was cold and a bit icy and they were frightened about falling over on the pavement. They were in their 20s by the way and didn't have any (declared) medical issues/fractures etc.

    Good job they weren't born in Iceland!

    • Hilarious love it Nicole thanks for sharing ;-)

  • We had a Supervisor who called in with 'family problems, father very ill'.  During that week we had several images of him and his girlfriend on Brighton beach and enjoying the nightlife posted on Facebook.  Needless to say when he returned he was disciplined, can't recall if he lost his position but he did not progress and left within the year.

    Cheers Nic

    • Another employee falls foul of social media! This happens time after time!
  • A ahem 'friend' many years ago worked in a contact centre and went to Amsterdam as he had some music gigs over there. He disappeared for an extra week before just turning up to work like nothing had happened. His excuse? The gigs had gone so well that they had been offered two extra dates which they couldn't refuse. There was no internet connection or mobile reception where he was to inform work where he was. Work were obviously concerned and had contacted said persons emergency contact (parents) and advised of the 'missing' person. 

    It resulting in a written warning - lucky chap as it could have been a dismissal 

    • Yes I agree lucky chap Mike! Any other great ones out there?

  • Well I had MANY of them, I think I've already mentioned it in our workshop.

    Boy did not turned up one day and when I rang him he said to me :

    - I am really sorry but I could not make it today

     Me: ( thinking first - really ?? I have figured this out already ! )

    - What was the reason then ?


    - My girlfriend you know... she is having her period today....

    Well yes considering our female nature.. yeah this is happening !

    Left me speechless to be honest.

    • Ha ha that is a great one Wioleta!

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