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  • Hi Louise, 

    When I think back to my recruitment I felt very much in the dark throughout the whole process, from application to my first day it took around 5 months, during this time I had little to no contact, especially towards the end. 

    I think keeping in contact is extremely important, like previous people have said... a little contact is better than no contact at all. I would have liked a phone call or even a reply to some of my emails! 

    I know people who are about to start new jobs and they have been invited on a 'meet the team' day which I think is a brilliant idea as it keeps the candidate engaged as well as making their first official day easier as they already know some people!


    • Hi Cheryl,


      Thats great feedback thank you. It is such a shame when people are left high and dry like that. I love the meet the team idea. Most of our recruitment is for roles that start within a week, so not much time passes, but we need to enusre they understand the roles better and the products. WE are a retail/catering business so were also thinking about giving a small sample of one of our products away after interview if succesful.


      Thanks for your advice



  • Hi Louise,


    What a great question!

    Firstly i would keep the candidate "warm" with regular contact whether that be by phone or email, just to keep the candidate in the loop, this will also keep the candidate engaged and interested to work for you. There's nothing worse than not hearing at all after having an interview.

    I think any communication is better than none at all, even if there is no change since the last time you have spoken to the candidate. I would also keep chasing the hiring manager for the feedback every 3 days.






    • Thanks Louise


      We do a lot of recruitment events, do you feel it appropriate to give something to interviewees before they leave?

      • Hi Louise,

        What sort of things were you thinking of handing out? Maybe a guide on what to prepare before the interview and then what to expect after an interview maybe so they know what happens next?

        • Hi Louise,


          Those are great suggestions, we are a reetail/catering business so we were thinking of a sample product to hand out too, what do you think?





          • Hi Louise,


            Yes that would be great too, this would engage candidates and show what you have to offer!!



  • Hi Louise,


    I think just a simple E-mail or call will go a long way when waiting for a decision, giving the feeling that they're not being forgotton about! Communicating with the candidate is certainly better than giving them nothing, especially when it may be a while before they recieve any feedback. 

    I'd also take the opportunity to thank the candidate for taking the time to come to interview and give a more positive message whilst they're waiting. 


    Aleashia :) 

    • Thanks so much 

  • Hi Louise,

    The candidate's expectations need to be managed.  There's nothing worse than having an interview and hearing nothing, when you've been told feedback will come at a specific day/date.  When I interview I always give myself and the hiring manager extra time in terms of feedback, e.g. if I know I will come back to the candidate early in the week, I would always say expect to hear from us by the middle/end of the week.  

    I have had issues at times where there's been a delay in making a decision, I always make sure someone (if not me) lets the candidate know there has been a delay.

    I'm looking for a new job at the moment and my husband was made redundant at the beginning of this year and we've both found the lack of feedback after an interview is so frustrating...and quite common!

    All the best,


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