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Good morning!


Not 100% if this is the right forum for this-however.....

As I commence Assignment 1 (DVP), I am devoid of any actual reading lists that may contribute to, not just this assignment, but the whole Level 5 diploma qualification. Any 'steers' would be greatly appreciated. I am in the trows of amazonning the below!

Thus far I have discovered:

Managing People & Organisations by Taylor & Woodhams,

Studying HR Management by T&W again, and

 HR Management at Work by Marchington & Wilkinson.

Will let you know if they're of any help!!

Many thanks,




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  • I note you posted this some time ago but I thought I'd respond anyway incase the below helps.

    You're right, only Marchington & Wilkinson is recommended to purchase on the main Welcome screen. I have found it good background, but thus far not reference directly from it, finding more specific articles online.

    It obviously depends on your own style, but I don't think there is a reading list, on the basis that there are so many articles which can be found online - it can also otherwise get quite costly. I've come across several students who've also said they've not purchased a single book and were at near the end of the course, so hopefully that comes as relief.

    That said, please find below some more that I've seen which have been recommended:

    • Employment Law: The Essentials by David Lewis & Malcolm Sargeant (15th ed)
    • Introduction to Human Resource Management: A Guide to HR by Charles Leatherbarrow & Janet Fletcher (4th ed)
    • Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice by Michael Armstrong & Stephen Taylor
    • Human Resource Management in Context: Insights, Strategy & Solutions by David Farnham

    Online article finders:

    • EBSCO via CIPD (login via CIPD)
    • Google / Google Scholar / Google Books
    • JSTOR
    • ERIC Digest
    • Mind Tools (3 regular free articles, no sign up really necessary)
    • People Management
    • HR Grapevine
    • HR Magazine
    • HRZone
    • Training Journal
  • Hi Heather,

    The on-line lessons are very useful and the assessment guidance, very comprehensive. As I unearth resources that can contribute as references for the assessment activity, I will post and let you know.




  • Morning I am just starting level 5 and feel slightly overwhelmed with what to do first.  I have attended a couple of webinars but just don't know where to start on my first assignment.  Its a while since I worked in HR and whilst I have the experience its knowing what to use for the best is what I am struggling with.

    Any help guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    Good luck with your journey!




    • Hi Heather, I have almost completed my first assignment on level 5. I really struggled on where to start and it has taken me a very long time to do this too... .   I am hoping to get assignment 1 out of the way so I can at least get a benchmark for the level of details I need to include - it has been a very long time since I have done any learnign or writing, so I totally udnerstand where you are coming from. Which webinars did you join? Are they the ones on Monday at 8pm?





    • https://www.koganpage.com/product/human-resource-management-at-work...

      Hi Heather,

      Copy and paste the above as a link to suggessted reading!




      Human Resource Management at Work
      Combine the latest academic research with practical approaches to human resource management (HRM) with this definitive textbook.
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