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Level 5 - recommended books


I was just wondering if there are any books that you would recommend for level 5 diploma? There's a couple of CIPD books on HRM by Stephen Taylor and Carol Woodhams aimed at students studying level 5 and I'm not sure whether to get them or not.

There's a lot of further reading books I'd like to buy that have been mentioned at the end of the DPG e-lessons but obviously they cost money and I can't afford to buy all of them! Are there any generalist books that you have found invaluable?

I'm currently considering whether to buy Transformational HR by Perry Timms. I saw him speak at the student conference in Manchester last year and he was very informative.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Amy,

    I have  a list of books that I have personaly. it  shows which units they complement.   I will stress that DPG provide all you need within the programme and that these are in addition and can be used to further expand your understanding of a given area.    please drop me a mail at howard.rose@dpgplc.com and I will send it on. There is no facility here to attach a word file.



    • Hi Howard, 

      Would you mind sending me a copy of these too? 




        Hi Both,

        I have not had you mail Amy!!  and do not have your Jen.  SO here is a dropbox link to the list in PDF format. the list wasa origionaly put together for the L5 Learning and Developmant programme, however several of the books are also good for L5 HR participants wanting to gain more general knowledge. Dont worry about the training related titles but the others are good. many of them I used for my L5 Diploma in Management studied programme and have all the books on the list so can vouche for them personaly.



        Shared with Dropbox
    • Thanks Howard, I've just emailed you.

  • Hi Amy,

    Many thanks for posting this.  I am just about to start the CIPD level 5 and therefore this is really useful for me.


    • Hi Jennie

      Rest assured that you'll be issued with the core text for the programme within 24 hours of the first day of your programme. Laura will send an e-book voucher to you with instructions on what to do :)


      • Hi Garry,

        Could you confirm that the access to LMS will be enabled before the start of the course or on the day of the course starting?

        And is there where all of the material will be situated? I have tried to login on a couple of occasions and it says that my login details are incorrect?

        Many thanks


        • Hi James

          You'll get log in details for the Enable LMS sent to you on the first day. Don't use the link for the Pathway LMS (on the left of this page) as this is used for a different programme than the one you are on. 

          • To add to that, James. Yeah, all the material you need is in the Enable LMS - and you'll get access to that on the first day :)

        • You get your log on details in an email a week prior to the intro webinar. All elessons are on there and they're really good, I've enjoyed learning that way.

          Although Gary has mentioned you get the book straight away I didn't get mine till after the workshop for the second module. I've never had any info on an ebook version so I need to follow up on that. It wasn't until I'd posted this thread that someone contacted me about the book

This reply was deleted.

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