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Linking HRM with Participation in Care Homes

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience of HRM within a Care Home environment?

If so, I'm looking to be pointed in the right direction for finding how to link HRM processes, initiatives etc with stakeholder participation.

To explain, service user and relative participation in areas such as recruitment, staff appraisals, reward initiatives etc is encouraged by the regulatory body the Care Inspectorate (CQC in England), and my employer has approached me for information on ideas on how to incorporate this.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Hi Jacquie

    I asked my contact and she said the following, hope this helps:

    She had membership of the Social Care Institute for Excellence and this is also a good source for information.

    They decided for themselves where service users could participate, so for example when we were recruiting for a new home manager she made sure meeting residents was part of the process.  Where HR stuff affected service users they either involved them/families in the consultation or took note of the results of the regular service user feedback survey.

    The feedback survey was also noted when doing appraisals of managers or activities coordinators (one-off types of roles).

    Hope this helps



    • Hi Sarah,

      This is fantastic feedback thank you so much, and if it's ok please tell your contact, thank you.

      I'm wondering if the SSSC is the equivalent in Scotland (for the centre of excellence), as it sounds similar.

      Fabulous, thanks again Sarah,


  • Hi Jacquie

    I work for a registered charity that provides supported living accommodation to people with hearing loss & additional behavioural needs. We regularly involve service users in the recruitment process for new staff, offering them an opportunity to meet potential employees & feedback on how they found their communication skills. We find that this is a very engaging method for both employees & service users & one which CQC are very supportive of.

    Many Thanks


    • Thanks Kirsten, much appreciated. Do you involve service users in any other HR practices, for example appraisals etc. Do you use any specific methods for getting the feedback from service users? Sorry for all the questions, but it's kind of a "baptism of fire" for me... :) Again Kirsten thank you so much for the input...

  • Thank you so much Gary and Sarah. :)

  • Morning Jacquie

    I don't personally but I know one of my team used to work for a Care group organisation so I will ask her.

    Is there anyone else out there who can help Jacquie?

    All the best Sarah

    • Fabulous, thank you so much Sarah

  • Hi Jacquie

    This isn't quite on the same page but hopefully it'll give you a spring board to other research. It is an article about the impact HR has in Hospitals. Not care homes, of course, but hopefully the link to the care industry is helpful.

    A matter of life and death - People Management Magazine Online
    Groundbreaking research linking HR practices and mortality rates suggests there are more crucial comparisons to be made in the NHS than league tables…
    • That certainly makes for some very interesting reading, in a good way, and it does help somewhat especially with ensuring the focus remains across the business rather than moving onto one specific group. Thanks Gary 

      A matter of life and death - People Management Magazine Online
      Groundbreaking research linking HR practices and mortality rates suggests there are more crucial comparisons to be made in the NHS than league tables…
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