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We currently only start to recognise people's service from 20years onwards, and other companies I have worked at have started earlier. Can I ask what you do in your businesses and what the reward looks like ie meal, flowers, certificate, badge etc etc.

Any help would be great!


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  • Hi Jozefine,

    At my place, we recognise at 25 years and 40 years. They get £150 or £250.

    We also give loyalty days after 2 years service, then longer they are with us, the more days they get up to a maximum of 5 days.


    • Hi sorry meant to ask, the loyalty days are they treated like an extra day annual leave?

    • Thank you! That's really useful.

  • Hi Jozefine, 

    At my organisation we start our length of service awards at 5 years, where you get a £50 M&S gift card and 1 extra day added to your holiday allowance. For 10 years you get double that- so £100 M&S gift card and 2 extra days of holiday. We were only founded in 2001 so no one has yet reached 15 years (I'll be the first next year), so i'm trying to decide what would be an appropriate gift for myself!! 


    • Hope you choose a lovely gift for yourself too :-)

    • Thank you! That helps.


  • Hi Jozefine,  I have worked at 2 previous organisations where they recognised Long Service Awards: 

    Organisation 1:

    Service Awards given at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 - a pin (badge) with the company logo was given (with the increase in service a gem stone was on each pin, apart from the 5 year which was just the plain logo, however for 10 there was a sapphire, 15, and emerald etc and 25 was 5 diamonds)  An amount of £250 was given at all the recognised years.

    Organisation 2:

    £250.00 was given from year 10 (15, 20 & 25); if someone reached 25 years they would be given £250.00 to buy a gift aswell as being given one month's salary tax free on top of their usual salary.  A dinner was also held for all individuals and their partners.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Thank you - this all really helps,

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