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At this end of this year, our company has encountered a situation where most employees have taken bulk holidays at the end of the year after being unfurloughed. Even though we 'forced' them to take 10 days during the furlough months, it didn't help to avoid this situation as no one wanted to take annual leave during 'furlough' months.

As the beginning of 2021 is compromised with possible lockdown or Tier 3, we would like to manage furlough holiday a different way. How are you doing it in your companies? Can we ask furlough employees to take a minimum of 2.5 days per 'furlough' months, and if so, how to enforce it?

Thank you


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  • Hi Camile

    The workting time regulations apply to annual leave that is carried forward under the coronavirus amendments. i.e. to force employees to use holiday you give double the amount of notice of the number of days you want them to take. So if you want them to take 2.5 days holidays each month you give them 5 days notice of the 2.5 days they are taking each time. For employee relations sake, make sure that you allow them to take a period of 1 or 2 weeks at some point in the sumemr or autumn as people will be very keen to take a period of time off with the family when (if and as) things open up for everybody again. 


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