Hi All,

I am an apprentice and I have recently started working towards my Level 3 CIPD role and I have just started a Human Resources Administrator role. I have never worked in HR before and I am looking for ways to expand my general knowledge in this area.

I am a bit overwhelemed by the amount of resources available and do not know the best place to start. Could someone advise?



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  • Morning Roxanne.

    Thank you so much for starting this conversation. I hope it grows and grows with rich advice from others. That's what the community is here for ;-)

    Someone else has just asked me a very similar question so I've suggested that they check out this discussion and join in. There are many in the situation that you're in, stepping into HR so a crowd-sourced bit of advice is much needed.

    I'd like to chuck in the mix the idea of networking with other HR professionals. As Sarah said, there are a variety of CIPD branch events up and down the country that you can get involved in.

    Technology makes it so much easier these days to connect with others. My favourite platform for doing so is Twitter. @HR_Hour is worth following there. Every Thursday evening from 8pm (UK Time), they have an online discussion on a variety of HR questions. It's well worth following that and diving into the conversations too. It's a friendly bunch of HR people that are very generous in the way they help each other out. If you search on Twitter for #HRHour you'll find the previous discussions on there as well as the live chat when it happens on Thursdays.

    Oh... and if you need any help getting started with Twitter, please let me know. I'm more than happy to help.

    Please do keep this conversation going Roxanne.

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  • Hi Roxanne

    Don't panic and try not to be too overwhelmed by the wealth of resources.

    Working your way through some ACAS resrouces as these are writted for employers and line managers so often explain the concept in an easy to digest manner.

    I would also pick out some key CIPD branch events to put your toe in the water, and these can also be beneficial from a networking persepctive.

    Good Luck!


  • Hi Roxanee,

    Sounds like you are in a similar position to myself. I have also recently started a HR apprenticeship, this being my first HR role. Some general advise from myself would be to speak to colleagues in your workplace who carry out the same/similar role to yourself. Having the opportunity to shadow/buddy with them would be beneficial to expanding your general knowledge. Another pointer would be online reading, particularly on the CIPD website. I have recently started reading Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice and feel this is certainly having its benefits.

    All the best,



  • Dear Roxanne,

    Start with your e-lessons if you are doing them, use CIPD website to answer some of your questions and read the People Management journal.

    I am like you finding myself which resources to read to expand my knowledge in HR world. Maybe we should join the Twitter on Thursday evening.

    All the best.




  • Hi Roxanne,


    I understand your feeling as I too am embarking in the same role. I have found it best to focus on the resources needed for the task in hand, whether that may be our assignment or a task at work. The pressure we put on ourselves to want to know it all straight away is imense. Have you logged on to the CIPD website yet and done a self assessment on the profession map? I found this very helpful, as it gives you guidance of what you need to develop in and how to do this and the resources you can use for this too.

    Definately worth a shot, I wish you the best of luck



    • Hey Louise / Roxanne,

      I wonder are either of you using Twitter? I'd highly recommend it as a source of Continous Professional Development in the field of HR. One of the many things I like about Twitter is the HR Hour Twitter chat that happens every Thursday at 8pm (UK Time).

      It's well worth checking that out. A great way of developing your knowledge, exploring new areas and meeting new people.

      Have a search on Twitter for the hashtag #HRHour and you'll see what I mean.

      Let me know how that works for you.



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      • Hi Andy,

        I did try to use a search on Twitter for the hashtag# HRHour but din't work ?


  • HI Roxanne,

    Great to hear from you and welcome to the community and also the HR industry.

    From me to you, I'd say one of the best ways to develop in the HR field is to never stop learning. You've made a great step embarking on a qualifiation to get CIPD Level 3 qualified. That formal step, in my opinion, is a necessary qualification to have on your CV.

    Alongside that though, a mindset of Continous Professional Development (CPD) is key. Throughout your qualification it is essential. Beyond is your choice. Things do change, the world moves on so therefore make sure you make the right choice.

    When you say you're overwhelmed by the amount of resources available, what do you mean by that? Do you mean here on the communiy or elsewhere? Let me know. I'm sure we can help.


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