Hi Everyone,

I have just watched the Welcome Webinar (for the second time, I like to be well informed, haha).

I am so excited to start the course! I am currently working as a HR Administrator/HR Assistant and keen to develop my career within the sector. 

I am keen to connect with like-minded individuals so please do not hesitate to send me a personal message/connect with me.

Also, does anyone want to be study partners? I thrive in a collaborative environment and enjoy bouncing ideas. 

Let me know :)

Also, if anyone has any tips for new starters, please let me know!



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  • Hi Char,

    I hope your well and getting on ok. I think I may be a bit late to the party as I should have started in March but was one of the few not to be furloughed in my team. I am now finally getting around to starting and would love to connect to people who have just started and be study partners.

    I am just getting my head around the course again, I think you have probably submitted the DVP assessment but any tips or help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great day.


  • Hi

    I like you, enjoy collaboration and sharing of ideas, resources and providing a helping hand. I have only just finished my welcome webinar this evening, so once I get my head around everything I might give you a shout....

    Good Luck and enjoy your new journey !


  • Hello Char, 

    Trust you well. Just saw your message on the Forum. I have actually started the 1st October_Should have started by July but due to summer holiday and people around I couldn't get time for myself.

    At the moment I have been going through DVP. I find It quiet interesting. Heading towards the assessement _ Felt completely lost especially when I think of the referencing bit. I'm so used to Oscola refrencing now I feel like it is a complete new language to me.

    If you have any quetions or need any help on reflecting on the course or the module please do share with me. 

    If you son't mind I will try to add you to my network. 

    Have a great day 



    • Hi Cyrine,

      Thanks for your response. 

      I've gone through all of the learning material for the DVP module. I am now about to start my assessment for it. 

      Adapting to new ways of working sometimes is a bit of a challenge, but im sure you will eventually adapt to a new way of refrencing. 

      I will send you a personal message to discuss further.


  • Hi Tatiana, thats great ☺️  I've just sent you a connection request. 

    I can imagine that it is hard juggling everything at once but I think I am going to dedicate certain days in the week to complete work/assignments and leave the others as rest days. Kind of get into a routine. 

    I'd love to hear more about how HR in the third sector is, especially during these unprecedented times. 



  • Hi Char,

    Hope you're keeping well!

    I'd be happy to collaborate for sure. Initially signed up in a July but had a few delays so still at the beginning. I work in HR recruitment for Charity sector, and was in inspired by people I met to pursue career in this field. 
    It's tricky juggling work, personal life and studies, however I'm enjoying the challenge and learning.

    Best wishes


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