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I am currently doing a CIPD level 3 in HR.

My role isn't really HR related so I am finding it a bit difficult and I wanted to know if anyone else is doing a CIPD and not actually in an HR role that can give some guidance or suggestions?

Thank you

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  • Hi Karlene

    You are not alone! I would say about 50% of the learners on the Level 3 programme have not previously worked in an HR role, that said by the end of the programme many of them are. :-)

    You could try to get some experience by going down the volunterring route, many not for profits would welcome support with their HR function.

    So this could be an option you could consider?

    Good luck with your programme!


  • Me too! I am on my last assignment and have not struggled throughout the qualification to get everything done. I have worked in payroll and in a service desk role whilst doing this,  you will be absolutely fine :)


    Drop me a message if you need anything! 

  • Hi Karlene

    Im the same, although I do deal with some areas of HR I’m not in a HR role and is difficult when you are not dealing with HR on a daily basis.

    However I’m sure we can all help each along the way and support each other

    • Thanks Louisa.


  • Hi Karlene

    You are not alone. Many people join the programmes that don't yet work in HR roles. Rest assured that this is an absolutely normal question.

    To help you, you'll find that case studies are used throughout your programme. This helps to give you something to work with in the absence of direct HR work. Also, activities in the workshops will help.

    In addition, one of the beauties of the Community is that you can ask people on here about their roles. They are a friendly bunch and I'm sure they'll help you.


    • Hi Gary,
      Your response is welcomed and does not make me feel alone.
      Thank you
      • Great :)

        Stay in touch. Keep posting.

This reply was deleted.

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