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The HR Forum

Hi Everyone,

I'm interested to know if anyone has signed up and used CIPD's HR-inform? 

Last year we had a contract with XpertHR, which I really like but I've seen that CIPD have something similar and for about a quarter of the price!!  Worried it might be a case of 'get what you pay for' though!

Any help appreciated. 

Many thanks 


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  • Hi Becky, yes, we're tending to think the same right now. We had a demo of HR Inform which looked to provide an all round service and like you, the right information at the fingertip only when we needed it.

  • Hi Becky, 

    Digging up an old thread, but just out of curiosity which way did you go - Xpert or HR Inform? I understand that HR Inform have upped their game since and so Im curious to compare....as our own renewal is coming up soon with Xpert.

    • Hi Jason,

      I went with HR-Inform in the end as it was so much cheaper!  It seems good so far and has useful templates, I haven't found anything so far that I've missed with XpertHR, although I must admit I wasn't a regular user, it was more a case of knowing it was there when needed.  

  • Hi all

    I've recently started using PLC and am finding it an invaluable resource, you can also get a free trial of this as well if you contact them.  I was at a law event yesteday and the Barrister running the session also recommended this as a resouce.


    All the best


    • Thanks, Sarah - will take a look.

      Many thanks


  • Hi Becky,

    I have used both products quite extensively. I think it comes down to what level of HR experience you have and what you will use the products for. The XpertHR product is far better developed having been around much longer and often links to articles on XpertHR are given in internet searches which you can't access if you haven't signed up to the service. This can be quite frustrating if you are researching something. If you have a comfortable knowledge of HR, in particular employment law, then HR Inform is great. The CIPD are continually adding to it so it is much more comprehensive than it used to be when it first launched. I have found it to meet my needs adequately but give the choice, if cost was not a factor, I would go for XpertHR simply because if its greater content.

    Hope this helps


    • Thanks, Theresa!  I have added XpertHR to the budget so if it gets signed off then I think I'll go with that as, whilst more expensive, as you said it does seem to be the better option in terms of content. 

  • Hi Becky

    Great post.

    In summary I love XpertHR I find it much more in depth than HR Inform.  But as you correctly point out it is very expensive!!!

    When I trialled HR inform I found it lacking for more complex cases but this was a while ago and I know they are always adding information.

    Have you tried the trial period for HR Inform?

    All the best


    • Hi Sarah, 

      Thanks for the info - that's exactly my worry with HR inform as XpertHR does include an awful lot. 

      Hadn't seen the trial for HR inform so I might give that a go and see what it's like.

      Thank you!


      • Hi Becky,

        I would would be interested to hear what you thought - I am in the same situation.



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