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Payment for Zzzzzzzzzz

HR in the news again today, and news from a charity which is appealing payment of the national living wage for carers who sleep overnight with residents.

The case is being appealed to the Court of Appeal so watch this space.

It got me thinking whether the government may introduce the time period over which employees can claim similar to that for backdated holidays.

HMRC have given employes until October to pay the bacdated tax and NI so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Is this an issue from your organisation? It would be great to get an employer's perspective


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  • Hi Sarah, this is interesting. Linking in with this things like this are especially hard on private employers in the Care Sector, Scottish Care (the organisation supporting care in Scotland - (www.scottishcare,org) produced a Care Home Workforce Data Report in July this year. The findings were quite scary, many are facing staffing challenges and a huge concern is that paying the living wage for Carers (currently £8.45 for Carers in Scotland), along with the uplift required for other functions in order to maintain salary differences and the increased reliance on agency nurses is not sustainable. A lot are concerned that they simply won't be around to provide care if things continue as they currently stand., which doesn't bode well for the future of care.

    Sorry, I know I've veered off slightly from the original question but it's very concerning all round for the health and social care sector.

    Thanks for posting the link, I'll be following closely to see what happens.


    • Hi Jacquie

      Yes I agree and I do think that this will gather momentum as this becomes more of an issue especially with the provision of care and if there are not enough care homes available for people.

      One to watch.

      Thanks for sharing,


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