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Hi Everyone,

I'm keen to find out people's thoughts and experiences with the appraisal process...  

Currently our staff have a primary appraisal in April and then an interim in October; in theory it works well, but like lots of things - in practice, not so much.  The form is quite straightforward and there is clear guidance throughout to avoid any ambiguity - we set clear (realistic) timescales for Managers to complete the process, yet it always drags on (despite regular reminders) and when the forms do come back, they are so inconsistent it hardly seems a worthwhile exercise!  (We could certainly never link pay reviews to this process in its current state!)

So, I am now considering a totally different approach! 

I'm wondering if it would be better to focus on improving the quality of monthly 121's for staff (i.e. making them actually happen, have them documented, etc.) and then having the performance review a continual, year-round event, rather than an arduous task (in the Managers eyes) once or twice a year.

Does anyone else take this approach?  If so, does it work?  If not, how do you go about it? 

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Same experience as many if not most.  I don't understand why we bang the drum about evaluating effectiveness in role yet we fail so badly to assess managerial skills, we so often just focus on purely operational matters.  I firmly believe that if managers knew that they were being assessed on their ability to manage (which includes doing proper evaluations of their staff) then they would take these things more seriously and therefore so would the staff below them.  For me it's all about tone from the top.  If you get the top echelons of management assessing the managerial skills of those below them, it will cascade.  

  • Hi Becky

    In my experience to be successful the process must be driven from the top.  If the Managers see it as an onerous task that they can avoid then they will. Do they see appraisals and 1 to 1's as tasks to be completed or a process with a meaningful outcome?  Are the Managers being appraised by their Manager? Could the completion of timely appraisals be set as an objective for them?

    With regard to the Deloitte approach mentioned by Sarah my only concern would be where the checks are to ensure that the system is fair as it seems very opinion based and therefore open to abuse.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Becky 

    I'm sure you'll get some good input from other community members. Performance reviews have popped up a few times - here are links to past discussion that might be helpful and at least a start....

    Creating an Appraisal / Performance Feedback set up - What does/doe...

    Is the end nigh for performance reviews?

    Performance Reviews - First Break All the Rules?

    The Need is for More Effective Personal Reviews

    Annual Reviews - Are they working?

    Performance Management Paperwork

    Hope this helps and gives you some food for thought to get the conversation going :)


  • Hi Becky

    This is a really topical debate in HR at the moment, I was looking into this recently and found this great article on how Deloitte have totally changed their approach from the traditional performance management approaches.

    Have a read it is a really interesting article!


    I hope this helps


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