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Psychometric Testing Suppliers

We are currently recruiting for a senior position - Group Sales Director.  Our CEO would like the candidates to undertake some psychometric testing (relevant to their role and position) as part of the recruitment process.  Does anyone have a supplier they would recommend, please?  Many thanks, Elspeth

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  • Hi Elspeth

    We use Skillsarena's personality profiling tool - https://skillsarena.com/personality-profiling-recruitment/

    They also offer lots of different tests should you wish to test other areas.


    Personality Profiling
    Use personality profiling & psychometric assessments to discover what kind of person a candidate is. Psychometric test online modern alternative.
  • Hi Elspeth, 

    We use ERAS Psychometric at Veolia and they cover many different tests such as aptitude tests and personality profiling etc. 


    Here is the link: 



    Kind Regards, 

    Hayleigh Redfern

    In an era in which getting the right people into the right jobs and keeping them there is of paramount importance, the use of psychometric techniques…
  • Hi Elspeth

    I have used a variety of psychometric tools, I agree with Tamasin in terms of understanding what it is you are trying to achieve.  Ihave used OPQ32 to probe around preferred styles of working and tailor behavioural interview questions around this.

    I always use as additional information to the selection process, never as part of makign the actual selectiond decision.

    Here is some more info here:


    All the best


    SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
    SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) helps organizations understand workplace behavioral styles and how it may affect their performance a…
  • DISC reports would be my recommendation (personal experience). 

    Just be careful as Tamasin stated since it should be used as a small-ish part of the overall recruitment process and not as a basis for selection.



  • Hi Elspeth

    The question I would have (and might encourage some more responses) is what specifically you want to use psychometrics for? It can be useful additional data for a recruitment process, but are you looking for it in relation to a DISC profile, analytical skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence traits etc.. There is so much out there!

    Best wishes


  • Hi Elspeth,

    We use Predictive Index extensively at River Island. As part of the recruitment process but also as part of team building and team dynamics.



    PI helps managers increase engagement through understanding their employees. Learn how to refine your company, grow your team, and develop leaders wi…
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