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I'm looking to start a project and I'm wondering if anyone has done anything similar and has advice or guidance on where to start....

I work for a group of companies and over the years each has taken on it's own culture and way of working. Since officially becoming a group last year, we're trying to align all of the companies and get to one culture. One of the key things for me is our structure as a group, particularly at management level. 

Some companies in the group refer to their line managers as "Manager" and others as "Head of".  If you then take just one company, there's such a varying degree of experience and authority among all the "Head of" people that, on paper, you'd think they were all operating at the same level, but they're definitely not - some are what I would consider Managers and others are true "Heads".

So, before I try to unpick what we already have in place I need to define what our management job titles mean to us as a Group and set expectations/behaviours/competencies for each, then determine what each existing individual should be called. 

But where do I start!

Is anyone happy to share what they currently do in regards to job titles and defining the levels? 

(For context, we're a Financial Services group of about 120 staff) 

Thanks in advance!

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  • Do you all share the same values Becky in each of the companies? The group values not the ones that have seemingly developed themselves over the years?

    • Hi Mike,

      A hard one to answer....I would say mostly yes - but it's something else that has never really been clearly defined and so our values aren't integrated into everything we do - which is also part of the wider 'culture change' project.  We have recently up skilled and increased our Marketing team so I'm hoping to work closely with them to find/define our corporate values, which can then filter to internal ones and drive everything else. 

  • Hi Becky

    Thanks for this post this all sounds really interesting and cultural change programmes are one of the more interesting things that HR can get involved in.  No doubt you will have found a lot of information about culture change and the various ways this can be tackled within a business.

    I once worked with a business where one bought the other of a similar size but with completeley different cultures and we went through what I would describe as an 'integration' period of several years.

    In terms of your specific question, I was wondering if implementing a job family approach could support what you are trying to achieve, there is some info here.


    I am sure there will be many other experienced practitioners out there - would you be able to give Becky the benefit of your experience?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the link - will have a read up on it. 

This reply was deleted.

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