I hope everyone is safe and well! I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for Reading/Learning materials that will aid me with my Level 3 Diploma in HR Practice. HR is completely new to me and this will hopefully lead to an exciting career! If anyone has any suggestions at all for a newbie, please let me know!

Thanks, have a great day.


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  • Hi Emily Louise Ashcroft 

    I'll tag one of our Level 3 Facilitators in this comment. I'm sure that she'll be able to help.

    Helen Jeffery - would you mind joining this conversation? 😊

    • Hi Emily

      Exciting times for you, starting a new career in HR and studying for the level 3 Diploma in HRP!

      A really good place to start is to explore the CIPD website and get to know your way around and what resources there are. For each HRP module there will be factsheets and areas of the CIPD Profession Map (2018) which are relevant and can help you explore topics. Just a word of warning, there is a lot of really good information; at level 3 you don't need to include research in your assessments and some of the research papers are quite long. You might want to dip into some of these for wider reading but at the same time, be careful not to go off on a tangent!

      So, for example, when doing your first unit on 'Understanding organisations and the role of HR' the CIPD factsheet on PESTLE will be helpful. The 'business acumen' core knowledge area of the CIPD Profession Map (2018) will put the topic into context, as will the 'commercial drive' core behaviour.

      You don't necessarily need to buy a textbook as the e-lessons are geared towards helping you complete the assessments. However, if you do want to do some extra reading a good one to get is Human Resource Practice, which was hot off the press this year. An Introduction to HRM is another helpful one, which was published in 2018. If you do decide to get a book, it might be worth shopping around to see if you can get a second hand one or sometimes students sell 'bundles' of HR books online, when they have completed an HR qualification. It is unlikely you will get a 2020 edition this way though!

      There are also a lot of good podcasts and TED talks you can listen to if you want to broaden your knowledge, again the CIPD is a good source of relevant podcasts. You will need to join to access CIPD resources.

      For some of the assesssments you will need to use a case study organisation and talk to people to find out information, this of course is another good way to learn!

      My top tip overall is to cover what you need to do first to answer the assessment questions and choose your extra resources wisely. It is easy to get carried away clicking links etc and while this is a great way to learn informally, it can be distracting!

      I hope that helps, I wish you all the best with your studies.


      Human Resource Practice (Cipd): Amazon.co.uk: Whiting, Fiona, Martin, Malcolm: 9781789665765: Books
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      • Helen thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain all of that to me and it's really helped!


        • You are very welcome, glad it is helpful, Helen

    • Thanks Gary! 

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