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Hi Everyone,


After some advice again! Sickness is a huge issue in our organisation with patterns in certain departments. We want to try and reduce this as much as possible and want to put in to practise a 121 form, for manager to complete with the employee who have returned to work after a period of sickness.


Can anyone reccomend where I might find templates or where has some guidance to create one?


TIA :)

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  • Hi Paula, I can send you a RTW form if you wish and you can shape it to org's requirement? 

  • Hi, I am not sure whether this applies to your organisation, I work for the Government Service of Trinidad and Tobago, where employees are entitled to, after 2 years into the service - 14 days sick, 7 days casual, and 21 days vacation leave are given yearly. After one day or even 2 days sick leave taken, a resumption form and report of absence form must be completed and submitted for approval. However, at anytime more than 2 consecutive sick days are taken, a medical certificate from a doctor has to be submitted. With that being said, after all 14 days sick leave has been exhausted a medical has to be produced and depending on the type of medical condition, approval must be given for either full pay, half pay or if no medical condition is found, pay is deducted on a per day basis. Maybe implementing this will limit the amount of days employees are taking. 

    I believe other countries has their way of doing things differently, I hope this helps a little.



    Anganie M-D

  • Hi Paula

    Same! Sickness can become such an issue if not dealt with correctly - I think HR play a vital role in helping to reduce sickness by creating an effective return to work process. Our return to work forms include questions such as period of absence, whether it was a single episode or repeat, if they feel they are fit to return to work, whether there are any underlying issues, whether the incident was related to work of which, if so was the incident reported? We also ask whether the employee requires any workplace adjustments, any concerns they want to raise, the line manager can also discuss the impact on service/work issues that arose during the absence. This gives both the line manager and employee to have an honest conversation and raise any concerns they have relating to the absence i.e. if it is a repeat or reoccuring absence. From this, you can analyse if there are any underlying health issues, or concerns that HR need to be aware of. If there are patterns of absence individually or across a team, you can look at solutions for this for example, if there were mental health related issues in a specific area of the business, HR could focus on looking at ways to help employees deal with this in the workplace. 

    Hope the above helps! :)

  • Hi Paula,

    I have worked in very different organisations and the RTW is key to reducing absence so I hope you can find the right Do you company have an attendance review policy too? We find this very useful as a communication tool and helps the managers monitor the absences, review and support colleagues too.


    Good Luck




    Hi Paula

    If you send me your email address I will happily send you a return to work form that you can use as a starter for 10, we also find giving line managers training on how to properly conduct return to work interviews and updating their knowledge of policy is also very important.  And how to have difficult conversation training is a must as well!

    My email is

    All the best


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