Everyone likes a little reward and recognition once in a while, so here's a challenge and I'd love to get your input on this in a DPG Community brainstorming type of way.... By the way, you're helping me with some work here and also probably helping others with theirs too. It'll take seconds, so don't be shy!! :-)

What ideas do you have? I'd love to hear them. Comment below:

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  • Some great ideas there Amy (even though I got stuck getting past the bottle of wine which always grabs my attention!)

    Love the department bingo too. I remember in one environment, we had a Quiz Bizz thing running. There was always a general knowledge question on display. The next team to get a sale, had a chance of answering the quiz question. Get it right, they're in for drawing a tombola ticket to win a guaranteed prize.

    I'm sure there's something to be adapted here for non-sales environment maybe....?

  • Hi Ady,

    We are always looking for ways to reward our staff on an adhoc basis! We currently do this by giving out bottles of wine, discount vouchers, paying for the individuals lunch or team lunch and the thing that motivates our staff the most is time off, either they can come in later, enjoy a longer lunch or leave earlier, the choice is theirs! 

    If the department has an excellent week in terms of generating revenue we play department bingo, everyone finishes a little earlier, pays £1 to play and the first person to get a line wins a bottle of wine and the person who gets the full house wins all the money. It is also a great way to encourage department collaboration.


  • Hi Ady,

    This report may be of interest to you.

    It's the CIPD's March publication on "The behavioural science of rewards", and it covers some of the things we've been discussing in your thread.


    • Thanks Ruth. Much appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I've introduced Birthday Cards for staff that I manage, we have Christmas Shopping Vouchers, we provide a staff buffet after our Team Briefings and we provide lunch when we are having our employee voice meetings. 

    I am now however tasked with the mission of coming up with ideas for inexpensive small rewards in addition to what we already do.

    Regards, Debbie

    • Sounds great Debbie. Do you hand-write the birthday cards?

      • Hi Ady,

        I hand write them, and then once a month, get the CEO to sign them all.


  • Once, while working for IBM, I received an unexpected personal letter from our divisional head (my manager's manager) telling me that my efforts had been noted and appreciated, and as a result they would like me to take my girlfriend to dinner at any restaurant of my choice and charge the evening to the company. Today, nearly 40 years later (damn I have just calculated that it is actually over 40 years!) this stands out as a highlight in my working career ans still warms the cockles of my heart, and that wasn't just because of the wonderful dinner and evening we enjoyed . I know it doesn't say much for the years that followed, but the fact that it does shows just how powerful sincere appreciation and recognition can be!     .   

    • Love the personal touch from that divisional head. Love the fact that they include your girlfriend in the process too! Brownie points all around!

  • Hi Ady,

    We have had feedback from our employees who have had their lunch paid for for 'going the extra mile' that this really made them feel valued and appreciated. This has happened on a couple of occasions, ranging from one manager paying for one employees lunch, to a whole team being provided a buffet.

    Other gestures that always work well have been allowing teams leave early on Fridays or Christmas Eve etc once work has been completed, Team Building Events / Nights Out or quite simply saying 'Thank You' goes a lot further than we might think.

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