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Reward and Recognition Programme

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share what R&R programmes they run in their business?

We have had one running for just over a year and we are struggling to get the buy in from our employees.

We want something easy to manage but effective.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Many thanks


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  • Hi Kay

    Lovely to hear from you!

    Could you expand on what you mean by R and R in your business?

    All the best


    • You totally thought it was Rest & Recuperation Sarah didn't you ;)

      • I could definitely do with some of that too Mike! ;-)

    • Hi Sarah!

      How are you? Our current Reward and Recognition is we have PPP - Pick a Piece of Positivity. You basically give someone a merit if they go the extra mile in relation to helping a colleague, H&S, customer demand or a combination of all 3. The person who gets the most and/or best quality nominations becomes employee of the month and gets a £25 voucher.

      We have the same people filling in a form each week and I did a walk round speaking to employees and they have said they would just prefer a thank you. Which they were getting, in addition to the PPP. Just cant get the buy in, so wanted something new and fresh in relation to reward and recognition.



      • I'm good Kay super busy now our Autumn programmes are in full swing ;-)

        Sounds interesting Kay and links in with the whole discretionary effort theme from Purcell's AMO model.  The merit approach sounds interesting but it reminds me of my school days when we would be given merit rewards if we did well in a subject!

        There are some schemes where employees can simply give thank yous to each other.  EON trialled a Buzz recognition scheme which seemed to work well, I have attached a link to it so you can explore to see if this is of use?


        Lovely to catch up and do stay in touch! 

        Are you thinking of doing you next level qualification would be lovely to see you again!


        E.On boosts staff engagement via recognition
        E.On has improved its employee engagement and motivation scores by up to eight percentage points as a result of its recognition scheme.  Before imple…
        • Great share Sarah. I hadn't heard about this with E.ON. I really like that idea.

This reply was deleted.

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