Sickness Absence Poliy Review

Hi everyone,We are currently reviewing our sickness absence policy.I was wondering if you could help me with the following two questions:1) How does your company define short term absence? Xpert HR: define short term as any period of sickness lasting one to 27 calendar days.CIPD: considers short term absence as being up to four weeksACAS: define short term sickness absence as lasting less than a week and long term sickness lasting several weeks or more2) If you are using the Bradford Factor, what are the scores that you use to trigger disciplinary action and a sub question 2.1) do you use it for long term absence?Many thanks,Teresa-

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  • Hi Teresa

    once an absence hits 4 weeks we treat this as long term sickness, therefore short term is anything under 4 weeks.

    we have only just changed from a stage procedure to Bradford Factor to get our absence level down  so the scores are relatively low - 50 no warning, 100 verbal, 200 written 300 final written, >400 & above dismissal. 

    Long term sickness would be managed with OH & a management programme towards return to work.


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