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I have been trying to get up to speed with the new General Data Protection Regulations and the potential impact.  A number of particpants have reported they have been on courses recently and that the changes are quite far reaching.

So I was interested to read how this could impact those businesses which use social media to assess applicant's suitability for a role:

An EU data protection working party has ruled that employers should require "legal grounds" before snooping.

The recommendations are non-binding, but will influence forthcoming changes to data protection laws

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about whether this is acceptable or not?

All the best


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  • Hi Sarah,

    If I'm honest, I haven't necessarily agreed with it in the first place. Being able to find people on social media, could have a negative impact on their selection when operating a recruitment drive. I don't think that's fare. When I recruit for our business, I don't look on social media to find out about the candidates. However, I am aware that other panel members when it gets to interview stage, do have a look on certain sites, but I would have no problem in future advising them that they are no longer legally allowed to do it. 

    All the best


  • This is really interesting. I know in my organisation members of staff are encouraged to google applicants definitely for academic posts.

    When I was told that this was being done as part of recruitment I didn't think it was fair, because this could lead to judgements being made prior to the candidates performance at interview which could bias the decision making. We certainly didn't tell the applicants such searches were being encouraged, however I when I asked for advice I was told that this was publicly available information and we couldn't do anything to stop it. In fact it was followed up that candidates should expect this when applying for positions as everyone else does it.

    One of the changes we will be looking at in the future as an organisation that may stop this are anonymised applications, but this could be difficult with CVs and academic publications. 

    • That's really interesting Katy thanks for sharing, interesting about this is 'publicly available information' line, which it is but as you say in a world moving towards blind CVs all it would do it reinforce bias prior to the interview.  And I think the fact the employer does not share they are looking with the candidate, one means they know this would probably not go down well and two is not a good way to start the employment relationship from a pscyhological contract perspective.

      All the best


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