So following on from our most recent poll which loooked at the level of access which employees are given to social media in the workplace.

2/3 of you reported that employees had full aaccess to social media.

So on the back of this I have found a really usefdul summary which serves as a timely reminder for some of the aspects we should be taking into consdieration when providing employees with access to social medai and to provide a level of protection to the business.

It would be great to hear some of the steps which you take within your organisation to ensure that social media access does not present a challenge for the business.

Look out for our next poll and get involved!


All the best


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  • Thanks for posting this Sarah - really useful. We must have enlightened people on our community as despite the survey showing 2/3 having full access there are still many organisations who don't give any access at all.

    I came across this article from March last year which has some great stats and evidence on the reasons why organisations block social media at work. Interesting reading.

    The top reasons why organisations block social media at work

    The Top Reasons Companies Block Social Media at Work
    blocking social media work To block, or not to block? That is the question many employers are grappling with as social media continues to weave itsel…
    • Hi Mike yes I agree this does make for interesting reading social media can be a minefield for HR and line managers alike.

      Just as an aside I found this really interesting summary of the case law around social media cases.  But that said it can also be a great tool for employee engagement, employee voice and involvement.

      We have recently started using Slack within our business and also I know a lot a learners use Yammer.  It would be interesting to hear what platforms everyone uses for social media engagement in their businesses.

      All the best


      Social media: 10 employment cases involving Facebook |
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