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Hi Everyone! 

Starting my CIPD (finally!!!) and hoping to connect and speak with people at the same point to discuss assessments but workplace pieces too - sooo who's with me?? 

Definitely been an interesting time to be in HR - work has been busy, confusing but, to the most point, a huge learning experience.


Looking forward to speaking soon!


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  • Hi Sian, 

    I too am starting my first assigment due to a hold up (thanks COVID) struggling to get to grips with things and would appreciate the help and support as we go though this :)


    • Amy, SNAP ! I am struggling with exactly the same issue, as I haven't been in education for years ! I think its just a case of submit and get the feedback and see where you go wrong ! 

      Its nice to know that I am not alone though Amy


    • Hi Amy, 


      I am in exactly the same boat so to speak, started a while back but due to COVID I am just starting ! thank go I have 18 months left ! 

      Thanks for you comment


      • Hi Stuart, 

        Im the same - i started my first assigment e-lessons back in Feb and thought i was flying and had a good understanding of what was required...now im floundering and finding it really hard to get back into. The thing thats getting to me the most, is how to write the assignments and ensure im entering the right refrences and how to enter them! 


  • Hi Sian,

    Count me in! I joined a couple of weeks ago, and just at the begining stage. Group support, duscussions are going to be much needed. I have no direct HR experience, but very passionate about persuing career in this field. This is going to be quite a challenge, but perseverance will pay off! I look forward to learning and developing further in the HR field.

    Best wishes





  • Is there any way of us setting up a group so that we can all talk or does it have to be on this page only?  I know a WhatsApp group wouldn't be appropriate yet, but somewhere where we can have an online chat?  I'm still not great with this website!  x

    • Hi Emma

      Feel free to set up a forum thread in which everyone on your programme can engage by starting a new thread in your programme specific Community group here: https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/group-hub/online-human-resource-mana...

      There are loads of benefits to students communicating so please go ahead - it's what the Community is here for.


    • Hi Emma

      I'm not sure if there is a LinkedIn group similar but there is a group on Facebook called "CIPD level 5 HRM - DPG Students" 

      I have only just joined myself but think it could be helpful!

      Hope this helps


  • Hi Sian/ Hi All!

    I've just signed up for level 5 myself. Would love to connect with everyone and share this experience 🙂



  • Hello, my fellow students!

    Good luck to us all. 

    I am on HRM LV5 diploma studies. My first HR experience was in a busy HR department in G4S back in 2012. Since then I have diversified my skills working in events management and sales. I am hoping that with the help of this diploma I will be able to get back into direct HR as I always have had a passion for people. 

    I am on the first module right now and I find it very insightful. 

    How are you finding the course material?

    What is your takeaway from the first lecture?

    Keep in touch!




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