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Hi everyone,

I am looking to develop a guide for managers on how to deal with Stress at Work if one of their staff is affected.

I have found a few resources so far through the CIPD and NHS websites, but nothing that has really convinced me yet as being practical to be used.

Has anyone of you ever created one of those guides and is willing to share with me?

Thank you :)

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  • Hi Kathrin

    I've just completed a Mental Heath First Aid qualification and one of the many resource available is a 'Line Manager Resource' guide to support employees experiencing mental health  issues - whilst it's very focused on mental health you may find some practical tips to form your stress-guide.

    MHFA Line Manager Resource


  • Hi, 

    Our local NHS board has a program called Healthy Working Lives and I have attended workshops on Managing Stress at Work and Mentally Healthy Workplace which were both excellent (and free to attend). Through that, a Healthy Working Lives trainer came to my workplace and delivered a bitesize Stress Awareness Course with my Management Team which was really well received. Hope that helps

  • Hi Kathrin,

    We actually brought in Acas to deliver Mental Health Awareness training in our workplace and the feedback following this was so positive.

    It was nearly a full day session and it can be delivered to 12 people at a time so we've run this twice now. It helps 'talk' about the topic of mental health and also because this is such a hot topic at the moment and not likely to go away, we really did find this invaluable training.

    It cost around £825 plus Vat per session and was worth every penny. I've always found that Acas courses to be excellent training sessions but I appreciate that some may not have the approval or resources to facilitate this.

    Looking at Robin's post below, we are also looking into other areas such as Emotional Resilience and whilst it is always hard to put a value on ROI on these types of training, I feel it can often be balanced out by 'arming' the leaders with the tools to lead effectively versus not and the time taken when getting things wrong.




  • Hi Kathrin

    I can give you temporary access to the Stress Management topic on the Alchemy Assistant. Here's what you'd get: https://www.alchemyassistant.com/topics/NGEJEDuGeBap3U4q.html

    If that looks helpful for your guide, please email me eva.mccann@peoplealchemy.co.uk.

    Have a great weekend :-)


    In a nutshell
  • Hi Kathrin,

    There wasn't anything practical available.  This prompted me to write a book which has been published in The Authority Guide Series of business books - The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business: Strategies to Manage Stress and Weather Storms in the Workplace. 

    Further details can be found on Amazon.

    The response has been phenomenal.  

    I have developed this concept further and have put it into an online course with practical activities that people can use in the work environment.  Again, uptake has been encouraging with over 1,000 people taking the course.

    Hope this is useful.



    The Authority Guides
    Take your business know-how to a whole new level with The Authority Guides. Written by experts for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professio…
  • Hi Kathin

    This just landed in my inbox. Remembering your post, I thought I'd share with you...


  • Hi Kathrin,

    Firstly, thank you for posting this question. It's important. It has been widely reported that 1 in 4 people in the UK that will suffer mental health issues this year. In a Ted Talk by comedienne Ruby Wax, she said....

    'If we don't talk about this stuff and we don't learn how to deal with our lives.....it's going to be four out of four of who are really going to get ill.'

    The fact that you are talking about this stuff matters.

    In my experience of managing people there is a fine line. On one hand, there is a duty to help people deal with stress, support them with any changes they need at work and often be the first person someone turns to. On the other, stress can bring about a huge range of physical and psychological impacts that are best off being assessed by an expert in that field, such as a GP or Nurse Practioner.  Care should be taken by managers 'counselling', which can be a distressing process for both parties. It is for that reason counsellors themselves have supervisory sessions where they are counselled in relation to the cases they have been dealing with. There's also the fact that a manager wouldn't know if any treatment is required to counter-act the physiological impacts of mental health.

    These more intricate areas of dealing with stress I think are best left to the experts in these fields. I think it's a case of balancing being supportive, with encouraging an individual to make use of what's available, their GP, advice lines, Employee Assistance Programmes etc.

    With the right information and support, managers can be better at spotting the signs that someone is having difficulties and providing appropriate support.

    I've come across some great resouces on the website of 'Time to Change' an organisaiton that is working to change the attitudes towards mental health in the UK. The video below caught my eye and got me thinking about what managers can do to be 'In the Corner' of their team members. 

    There's a support for employers page on their website at : https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/get-involved/tackle-stigma-workpl...

    Kathrin, please keep this conversation going and let us know how you're getting on. 


  • Hi Kathrin

    In a previous role I found some of the HSE guidance about stress very useful and we implemented the management standards.

    Here is a work book and it is very comprehensive


    I hope this helps

    Good luck!



  • Hi Kathrin, have you tried looking on the MIND website or contacting them for advice and/or training?

    https://www.mind.org.uk/workplace/ ;


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