Hi there,

 I have been trying to contact the DPG team at cipdprogrammes@dpglearn.co.uk for several weeks but no one responds it so far. I am requesting their support in 2 areas:

1) Resubmit my assignment but it does not give the option to resubmit my paperwork. From the other posts, I have noticed that it should be reset by the DPG team.

2) Recheck my programme enrollment.

Any recommendation? 


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  • Hi Pohnthip

    We dont seem to have received your e-mails into the programmes inbox.  I have now e-mailed your account with the information you have requested above.

    If there is anything further we can help with please let us know.

    Kind regards


  • You seem to have the wrong email - I use this one:  onlinefacilitators@dpglearn.co.uk and they are really prompt to reply :)

    • thank you. 

      • Hi Pohnthip

        Do not hold your breath as this email contact can be unpredictable. Don't always respond :(

This reply was deleted.


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