Hi all,

just writing my 1st DVP assessment. Aside from my battle with writing and referencing after 20 years since being at university, is any one else struggling with the word count? Any suggestions as to how much for each section there should be?

so far, mine is 

heavily weighted for answer a) I have used

250 words to describe the map and purpose

450 to identify knowledge, skills and behaviours for effective performance using the map, and practical application

answer b) 450 words but have used a table format to reduce some 

answer  c) only 450 words left but seems quite a lot to answer here?? 


Look forward to your thoughts!


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  • Hi Jo, 

    Hope you're well and that I can help. I started my DVP Assesment in early January and only submitted late March. I also struggled and I am in the process of resubmitting. 

    I struggled with the word count - remeber you do have 10% grace so in effect the assignemnt is 1,760 words, but from my feedback here is some guidance:

    Answer a) = Yes, your are on the right track for the word count. Remember to apply two areas of the CIPD Map and link back to pratical application. (I made the mistake of only choosing one in my 1st submission, and failed to describe the map!). I am attempting to try and expalin the map and it's purpose under 200 words. Leaving 400 words to identify knowledge, skills and behaviours for effective performance using the map, and practical application. 

     Answer b) 330 words - I started off with a small paragraph stating after completeing the self-assesment I found that I have room to further develop in HR, etc. I then used bullet points to identify some of the SWOT - 3 bullet points each for Strengths, Weakaness, Opprtunities and Threats. (I passed this from submission 1)

     Answer c) = 750 words (passed on submission 1) - Defined group dynamics and analayse two models. Then evaluate conflict resolution and types of mathods that you could apply in conflict situations in the workplace. 

     Lastly, have you accessed the assesment videos? These are really helpful (once you find them lol). Any further questions, I will try and help as much as possible. 



    • Hi David,

      Hope you are well. Apology for such long message but I am desperate for someone’s advice and, after having seen your reply to Jo, I believe you are the right person to ask.

      I have submitted the entire DVP assessment two days ago. This included assessment activity 1, 2 and 3. Needless to say that, like many others in my position, it has taken me ages (without exaggeration) to write the first part of the assessment in order to get it right in terms of word count and meeting the assessment criteria. Prior to this, I was given some guidance by one of the facilitators on the assessment activity 1  (e. g., a diagram for New CIPD Profession Map would be nice to put in etc.). I have also watched video briefs for all assessments several times, not to mention the sleepless nights after day’s work reading various scholarly works to expand my knowledge on the subject. So, when submitting the whole assessment, I was pretty much convinced that I have covered all areas and that it was up to the required by CIPD standard. You can see where this is going – I have not passed. I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way but I was devastated! Not because I couldn’t handle the failure but because of the amount of time that was spent on the first assessment and knowing how much work lies ahead of me with so little time left! Getting to the point of my query, I have the following 2 questions, if you would be so kind to answer:

      1. When you submitted your assessment activity 1 and didn’t pass, have you been given any feedback as to where you failed?
      2. Have you provided references/bibliography at the end of the assessment activity 1?

      As far as my assignment grades are concerned, there was no assessor’s feedback attached for either assessment activity 1, 2, or 3. This means I don’t have a slightest idea on whether I need to redo the entire assessment or simply make few alterations in one of the parts.

      In relation to the latter question, I did not provide references/bibliography only because it was not mentioned in the assessment paper and video brief, neither there was any indication for these at the bottom page of the assessment’s template, unlike in the assessment templates and briefings for the module 3 and so on.

      I would be grateful if you could spill some light on my frustrated mind. Thank you.


      • Hi

        Rest assured that each and every submission marked gets a full feedback report regardless of the outcome which covers all activities appropriately and the 'Have you...?' checklist near the end of the assessment area has a reminder about reference lists and bibliographies.

        If you need any help located either of these, contact your Facilitator using the via channels.



        • I'm afraid that I accidentally deleted Amelia's post on this thread. I'm very sorry Amelia Zahra . This is what Amelia posted: 

          "Hi Diana,


          I am about to submit by DVP and was concerned after reading your blog post! Were you able to find the answers to your questions?"

This reply was deleted.


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