Is anyone else struggling with word counts?

I am finding it impossible to stick to word counts - the essays contain far too much in the breakdown that I end butchering the thing and it ends up making hardly any sense and completely convoluted.  I don't feel as though I am producing any work experience quality and I am just chopping at it just to pass

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  • Yes, absolutely.  I write my assignments and then have to take so much out.  I've just had a referral for my EML submissions and I'm frustrated as cut so much and have taken out content that would have let me achieve the pass.  I can't see how I could have met all the criteria in the word count given - that's just my opinion, I'm sure some will have met the criteria with no issues.

    • I'm sure there are but I genuinely don't know how they would do it. I'm just finishing up CHR and the 2600 word assignment at the end, I'm already over 4000 words. I'm sure I can get it down a bit but dropping c1400 words is going to be a challenge when I already thought I was being relatively concise! Ah well, guess I'll just fail first time and then submit my original draft after! lol

  • Yes, I am completely in the same boat. The frustrating thing is that resubmissions do not need to follow the wordcount therefore I could in theory write the essay, fail, and then resubmit my original essay before I cut words and pass. 

    I'm currently on the second assessment stage of CIPD level 5 and the word count is 2600 words, I'm half way through part 2 of 3 of the assignment and already at 2200 words. Realistically I'm probably going to end up c3-3500 words.

    Then I will have to butcher it (as you said) to get down to the wordcount probably to then submit it again with most of the stuff taken out put back in. I would definitely recommend saving your first draft of the document before you start cutting words as I would imagine most of your feedback if you weren't to pass would probably be to include things that you took out.

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