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Signed up to do the Level 5 course back in April 2020 and through one thing and another (mainly me procrastinating), my studying has not happened, so starting again. Am I right in saying that i am now using the CIPD map 2018 rather than 2013. Secondly do I have two years to complete the course ie till April 2022 and finally when I started last year there were online sessions where quesgions could be asked, do they still exist as found them useful and as I'm starting again would find them useful again going forward as the site seems to have changed a little since I last used it.


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  • Hi Stuart

    If you want to run your questions by DPG staff, remember that the best ways to do this are described Getting Support tab. Starting a discussion like this is the perfect way to chat with other students, just bear in mind that it’s difficult for the Facilitators to keep up with all posts.


  • another person in the signed up last April and only starting now crew!!

  • Hi Stuart - yes you are correct to use the CIPD Map 2018 and you have two years from your original start date (although I am unsure as to whether there will be any allowances for Covid in this).  A few of us have started a WhatsApp group as we are all starting-restarting from last year.  I can add you to it if you provide your number?

    • Hi Lindsay 

      That would be great 07808473249. Cheers


        • Hi Lindsay could I please be added to this also! 
        • I’m starting again too and have a deadline of August 31st! Thanks 




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