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Supporting Employees

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted some advice / tips on supporting employees when organizations go through times of financial hardship with the potential risk of redunancies. 

Any advice on how to boost team morale and ensure employees know they can express any concerns to HR / Line Managers. 

Thank you 


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  • Hi Kara 

    We give our staff the chance to attend HR Clinics, where they can meet a member of the HR team (usually the HR lead on the re-organisation) and discuss any concerns they may have, we offer this on a 1-1 basis and group. This from my experience seems to be highly taken up, and as a new person to HR shows the power and importance of communication, especially through what can be uncertain times for our employees. 

    Matt :)

    • Thanks Matt, I think communication is key :) 

  • Hi Kara,

    Not sure if this would fit, but you could do a Toolbox Talk. We use these to get information out into our teams, they are simple factsheets, with key information on, which are delivered by the Supervisor of the area. They aren't too wordy and usually have a few pictures on to break it up. We have a separate page for signatures of who attended on the back. This can then be printed off and put in the area for people to refer back to. If you have all your contact details on, so people know who to speak to should they want further advice, or may your EAP details if you have one. It also allows for open conversation and feedback at the end too, which we find helps ensure the message is clear and consistant. . We use them to communicate about pretty much anything. To give you some examples, mental health awareness, health and safety, stress, COSHH etc. If this is something you like the sound of, I am happy to email you our template.



    • Hi Kay, 

      Thanks for the advice, yes would love to see the template and adapt it to my company. The email is karabugden91@hotmail.co.uk. 

      Thank you so much :) 


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