Tea and Biscuits?

How do you approach drinks throughout the day? Do you scrabble to get a quick round of tea and coffees in that bit of time just before meetings start? Do you typically work in one of those quiet offices where everyone has their head permanently stuck in their computers where the most words spoken are when someone offers a round of drinks? Or is it a proper full on event of tea and coffee drinking, savouring the moment and using it as a chance to put the world to rights? After all, what can't be sorted out over a cup of tea?

More importantly, are biscuits available and even more importantly than that - what are the favourites?

I was reading an amusing article on Britain's Favourite workplace biscuits which solves the issue once and for all. In a bid to put some business justification behind tea and biscuits it links nicely to a podcast I was listening to the other day on How to Generate Brilliant Ideas. In there, there was a really useful reminder about how when you're in a more relaxed environment your brain is equipped to think creatively. 

And if that's not enough, isn't it just a great way to take time out, relax for a moment and socialise a little more with those you work with.

So let's not underestimate the power of tea and biscuits. Let's make this an event. And for anyone that chooses to place Jammie Dodgers at the bottom of their list of preferences like this poll suggests, please feel free to donate them to us here at the DPG office marking the package very clearly with Ady Howes, Digital Learning Specialist!


Here's the article: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/2016-10-27-britains-favourite-workplace-biscuit-revealed-1

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  • We've recently had our Executive Team unhappy with some staff stopping to have a break away from their desk - they feel it doesn't reflect a modern office - but I'm concerned about this approach to stopping people taking time away from their desks to have a cup of tea if they want to.

    Any thoughts/help/assistance gratefully received!


  • Well I've learnt it can also be a bone of contention (sorry to be a spoil sport)! I remember on one workshop learning about different custom and practices at work and two students being very disgruntled that they were expected to contribute to a tea/coffee and biscuit fund at work, when they didn't partake themselves. It was very much custom and practice and they felt they had no option but to pay, without upsetting the team. Imagine the great discussions we had around this topic!

    I worked on a summer placement at ICI a long time ago and someone came round with a trolley at set times with free tea/coffee and cakes! I have no such luxury working from home but of course am able to get my own, whenever I want...dangerous :-). I like large pieces of dark chocolate (good quality of course) - today I am sampling some with chilli in.

    I did hear Sarah that you brought ice-creams into your Birmingham group which a few of my participants attended...I need to up my game!! ;-)


    • Hi Helen

      It's a not very well known fact but at the De Vere venue in Birmingham they have a freezer with ice creams which on a very hot day we are partial too in the afternoon ;-)

      Kind regards


  • Hi Ady

    Our office runs on tea lots of it in fact copious amounts of it.  HR can be quite stressful at times and most things a nice mug of tea can sort.  I think our office favourties are Jaffa Cakes and we can demolish a packet in a day.

    I quite like the idea of food as a means to combat stress as opposed to creative thinking we have pizza delivered if we are in the mood, and yesterday I bought ice creams as it was very hot in our office.  Most days however we try to be good and bring in different fruit to munch on!


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