The 22 Worst LinkedIn Sins

Saw this pop up in my LinkedIn feed today and thought it was worth sharing in this forum.

We've written before about how Personal Branding is really important here and here and the role social media and tools can play in this is crucial.  We've also written how social tools (specifically LinkedIn) can help you in your career in HR here.

But are the faux pas of a LinkedIn profile and can this actually detract from your 'personal brand'. Indeed it can and whilst we need to focus on the positive use of LinkedIn as a professional profile site there are some things to be aware of in terms of 'how not to'.

So here are 22 LinkedIn Sins - take a look and make sure you're not committing any.

Let us know what you think in comments below

Are there any missing?

What do you like about LinkedIn?

What drives you mad about LinkedIn?

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