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Really interesting to read the article below which highlights the 10 worst companies to work for according to glassdoor reviews.

In terms of employer brand obvoiusly not a league table which you want your Company to appear in?

Do you think that employers should take not of this, or is it simply a forum for disgruntled employees?

Would be great to hear your views.



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  • Thank for sharing this. I think Glassdoor provides a valuable forum for employees to voice their views on their employer. Naturally, this kind of forum will often invite more negative comments than positive, or those with negative feelings will be more inclined to air their views, but open and honest feedback should be encouraged. I think if feedback is consistently negative in certain areas this provides an ideal opportunity for the employer in question to look further into the issues raised and work towards a remedy if able to. 

  • A post that has really sparked some interest with over 500 clicks last week.

    I believe HR have to take note and take action using tools like glassdoor. Yes you will get disgruntled employees and those with an axe to grind however it can also be a rich source of information for HR and other business departments to take note of and take action.

    Ryan Cheyne former HR Director at Pets at Home and now People Director at Rental Cars answered and after checking still answers every review on Glassdoor and a) thanks them for the review (even though they've left) and b) provides an opportunity for them to provide feedback through a conversation.

    Some of the reviews aren't great reading (Google them) however the fact that the most senior member of the HR team takes the time to read, review and comment on the reviews goes some way in my opinion to showing how much he / they / the organisation cares.

    Of course proof is in the pudding and whether anything changes as a result of this I don't know but felt it a good example to share of HR taking positive action around Glassdoor reviews.

    Does anyone in your organisation respond to these reviews?

  • Hi Sarah,

    My view is that glassdoor provides a form of feedback to employers and so yes I think employers should take note of this in the same way that they would take note of employee engagement surveys/similar tools.

    Of course comments may have some organisational/internal context that is not represented accurately or at all in glassdoor posts and/or comments could represent the view of an individual or small minority and is therefore not representative of the majority of the workforce. However, in a world where we are constantly striving for a happy, healthy and productive workforce I think its always a good idea to keep an eye on these things and be prepared to act if on balance the comment may have a point.


    • Hi Gemma

      Yes I think you are right Gemma.

      I would be very interested to hear if any HR professionals have taken an active approach to the reviews.

      KR Sarah

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